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   Chapter 347 I Want The Custody Of Phil! (Part Three)

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Phil had just been here for a few days. Maybe he was not used to it and had tortured her. Now he was finally living peacefully.

In fact, both Alline and Cathy knew that Phil was looking for his father.

However, Alline didn't want to talk, so Cathy didn't mention it.

When it came to Phil, Hiram's eyes suddenly lit up. He hadn't seen Phil for a few days. He hissed the little guy very much, but now he was divorcing with Alline. If he entered the room, Alline wouldn't show him a good face, so he smiled apologetically and refused in a noble and cold manner. "No, I won't go in. I have an appointment with a client tonight. "

Why should he go in? To Look at the cold face of Alline, or to hear her divorce him. He would be furious!

So why did he ask for trouble? He wanted Alline to beg him not to divorce him!

He was such a noble, cold and gorgeous man. How could he compromise casually with his wife?

That would be so humiliating. So, he wouldn't see her! He would see how long Alline could persist!

Cathy understood his embarrassment. She sighed and asked, "Hiram, do you really agree to divorce with Alline? "

"Yes. "He nodded in a noble and cool manner, as if he would die if he said one more word. But in the next moment, he said something that shocked others, "As long as she gives me the custody of Phil! "

Cathy widened her eyes in surprise. It was obvious killing Alline. Cathy knew how much Alline loved Phil. If he fought with her for the custody, it was like killing her!

"Hiram, you know it's impossible! "Cathy said exaggeratedly, with her red lips trembling slightly. She was in surprise.

Hiram nodded and said, "That's what I want. Don't tell her I'm here. I'm leaving now! "Then he stepped on the accelerator and drove away.

Cathy stood there in a daze. It took a long time for her to come to her senses. When Cathy returned to the villa, she saw that Alline was coaxing the child. Seeing Cathy come back, Alline asked her to sit down. "Cathy, do you know any lawyers? "

"What do you want a lawyer for? "Cathy asked in confusion.

"In the case of divorce, I have taken Hiram to court. He refused to divorce, and now he wants the custody of Phil, so I have to ask the lawyer to fight for it for me. "Alline said after she calmed down.

Cathy became hoarse, but soon said calmly, "No problem. I'll help you find the best lawyer in the HC City tomorrow! "

"The court session will be held next week. "Alline added. With a painful look in her eyes, she turned around and looked into the distance. From afar, she could see the ripples on the lake, just like her mixed feelings.

She knew that Hiram liked Emma, so she quit the marriage and let them be together.

'But why did you take away my last hope in my life, Hiram?'

If it hadn't been Phil, could she still live?

Phil was Hiram's son. She wanted to keep Phil by her side. Even if she went abroad in the future, when she saw the child, she felt as if Hiram was with her. But why didn't he leave the child to her?

Cathy said, "Don't worry. I promise you will see the lawyer on time tomorrow! "

There was no stars in the sky tonight, and the world was so dim as if it had lost its luster. Sean was in the villa of the Mu family.

expect that it was their last photo.

She covered her mouth and couldn't help crying, "Brother..."

The grief made Sean turn his face away and dare not look at her again. In his heart, Celine was always smart and scheming, but in the face of family reunion, she was still unable to control her emotions.

After a long time, Celine finally calmed down and murmured, "But what about the baby? What should we do with the baby? "

When she was told that Vivian was pregnant, she was happy. If Vivian gave birth to the baby earlier than Sven, William would have the chance to inherit the business of the Lou family. But now, how could she explain to her son that he couldn't have the baby?

How could she face Vivia? Why things turned out like this?

Over the years, she had done too much for the Mu family. Was she going to sacrifice her son's happiness?

Frowning, Sean seemed to be in a dilemma. Finally, he took a deep breath and said softly, "You can't keep the child. Persuade Vivian to abort it! "

Leaning against the sofa in despair, Celine seemed to have drained all her strength.

She finally understood what was unforgettable despair.

The next day, before Alline met the lawyer, the Mo group had issued a statement, indicating that the relationship between Hiram and Alline was at odds and the engagement was cancelled after discussion.

As soon as the statement came out, it quickly became the headlines of all the major newspapers.

For a moment, it caused a sensation in the whole HC City. When Alline married Hiram , she kept a low profile.

However, when they divorced, it was known to all. In addition, the news about Nicole not long ago had not completely dissipated, and this time the Lou family was also involved in the scandal of divorce. Soon, the stock of the Lou group began to plummet again.

Alline held the newspaper in her hand. He issued a statement. Yesterday he said that he would agree to divorce as long as she was willing to give him the child.

In just one night, Hiram had released the statement, and their divorce procedures had not been completed yet!

What did he mean? Was it better to strike first?

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