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   Chapter 345 I Want The Custody Of Phil! (Part One)

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Court summons? Well, they couldn't get a divorce, so she sue him in the court. 'Alline, you are so shameless.' Hiram's face turned livid all of a sudden. 'Alline, how dare you do that?'

The word, divorce, seemed to grow in his mind. Holding the court summons, he felt that blood rushed into his eyes.

He said silently, "Alline, I won't divorce!"

He lowered his head and opened the envelope. The reason for divorce was very simple. Their relationship was broken. Alline had an affair with another man, and she would leave!

Huh, their relationship was broken? When did they break up?

Who would believe such a reason? He didn't believe that. He loved Alline. Their relationship was not broken at all!

There was

Hiram would say so. He was really angry.

"No, I just want to know who Phil is. After all, if he is my child, there will be a successor in the big house! "Hiram didn't look at Ethan. He turned his face away, but his tone was so firm that no one could resist.

Ethan looked at Hiram's young face. When he was young, he was stubborn and decisive as Hiram, and would never change what he had decided. "Okay, I'll help you find it out, but Hiram, you must divorce tomorrow! "

"Okay. "Hiram agreed casually, because he had planned it for a long time. Even if he wanted to have a DNA test, it would take two days. In these two days, he could think of countless ways not to divorce, and what he lacked most now was time.

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