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   Chapter 344 Emma Is His Biggest Concern. (Part Three)

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"Don't worry, Mr. Sven. There is nothing else. Thanks for your cooperation! "She drove him away again mercilessly.

Sven shrugged and added before leaving, "Then I'll leave. Miss Miranda, take care of yourself! "

Staring at Sven's back, Miranda thought, 'Now Sven is in charge of all the affairs of the Lou family. Was what he said true?' Last night, there were two groups of people. One group was in the name of the Lou family, and what about the other group?

Who were they? Who was so bold to rob Nicole?

Not only did Miranda pay attention to the situation of Nicole, but also Hiram. Of course, Ethan also knew that. When Ethan heard the news, he called Hiram to the study and asked directly, "Does what happened yesterday have anything to do with you? "

"No. "Hiram answered directly. He did want to take Nicole away quietly and teach her a lesson, but before the plan could be carried out, someone had already taken her away.

He was depressed.

He had been waiting for this opportunity for a long time, but she was still taken away by Celine's men!

When he thought of Celine, his eyes suddenly turned cold.

"Hiram, I know you were unhappy about what happened to Alline, but it's over. Even if you want to punish Nicole, you have to put it off for the sake of the baby in Vivian's belly. Since Nicole did something wrong, she will be punished by the law. "Ethan looked at Hiram's expressionless side face and said seriously.

Hiram was angry, and after hearing Ethan's words, he was unhappy. "Grandpa, I really can't let it go, but I didn't take away Nicole. Besides, she almost killed Alline. Can't I do nothing? "

Hiram said.

Ethan sighed. He knew that Hiram was stubborn, so he turned to Hiram and said, "Hiram, I understand you, but you should also know that Alline was a the daughter of the Lou family. No matter how much hatred she has with Nicole, they are always sister! "

"I know. I know what I'm doing. "Of course, Hiram knew that, but did Nicole ever take Alline as her sister? If she did, she wouldn't have taken Alline's boyfriend away back then. If she did, she wouldn't have hit Alline when Alline was pregnant. Therefore, Nicole didn't take Alline as her sister. Never!

"It's good that you know what to do. I've told them to catch Nicole as soon as possible. But Hiram, you can't interfere in it! "

With his eyes widened in surprise and disbelief, Hiram looked at Ethan and finally suppressed his anger. Instead of getting angry, he smiled and said, "Grandpa, have you ever thought about what you are talking about? Do you think it's possible for me to let her go? "

"Why is it impossible? It's settled then. You are not allowed to do anything to her! "With his eyes crossed, Ethan glanced at Hiram with anger.

Taking a deep breath to calm himself down, Hiram said calmly, "Grandpa, okay. "

"Hiram, you should think about the consequences. I hope that you don't make a mistake, or you will regret for the rest of your life. You should know what kind of person Celine is. If you hurt Nicole today, Alline will be injured in the future. "Ethan knew Hiram well, so h

d solve it.

However, Alline didn't want to talk more with Hiram.

"I'll tell her everything. But grandpa, I don't think it's the right time to talk about it. I'm relieved that Cathy will take care of Alline. I'm afraid that if we push the Mu family too hard, Alline will be in danger! "The look on Hiram's face turned serious. When he thought of Alline, a faint coldness flashed across his eyes. What he wanted to do most now was to let her stay out of the affair and protect her well.

He knew that the Mu family and the Lou family had been coveting the mysterious key.

And the key was in Sven's hand. Someone might force him to hand over the key with Alline.

Ethan also thought the same. But now that the relationship between Alline and Hiram was stiff, he didn't say much. Recently, he heard that Blake had a close relationship with Alline, and so did Colin. His grandson's rivals in love were more and more powerful.

"Deal with it by yourself. But when do you plan to go back to Beijing? "Christa had been in a sanatorium in Beijing. He had been there once, but the Gu family didn't let him in to see her.

She was much better than she was in the Mo family, but she hadn't recovered and often fell into a trance.

She could not answer. It was heartbreaking to see her like this.

"A few days later. "At first, he planned to go back to Beijing with Alline after dealing with the matter of Nicole. But now, Nicole ran away. And the relationship between him and Alline was stiff. He didn't know whether he could go back to Beijing or not.

Recently, Alline just called to talk about divorce.

Of course, Hiram didn't agree, so this matter had been delayed. He tore up the divorce agreement that Sven brought to him. He didn't agree to divorce, but Alline was anxious to divorce.

Therefore, the relationship between them had been in a stalemate.

'Alline, as long as I don't want to divorce, I'll see what you can do.'

But he didn't expect that one day he received a parcel from Alline. This time, it was not a divorce agreement, but a court summons!

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