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   Chapter 343 Emma Is His Biggest Concern. (Part Two)

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Was it because of Vivian?

Now Vivian's problem had not been solved, and there was such a mess. He might have to go to the Lou family to see what they meant. Did they intend to prevent William from marrying Vivian?

As soon as Nicole returned to the HC City, she was taken out of the HC City again. This time, it was not a remote town, but a small manor with many trees planted in it. The whole manor was beautiful and breathtaking. Nicole was taken into the house by the man in black.

She glanced around the room. The decoration was simple, low-key, but was extraordinary.

She was a little nervous. In fact, since she was saved, she had been in a state of fear and nervousness. She had seen with her own eyes that Caspar was injured. If he was not injured, she wouldn't have been caught.

How was he now? Would something happen to him?

Nicole found that she actually cared about Caspar. He had killed two people, and the police would not let her go, definitely not. But her heart inexplicably tightened.

'Caspar, you must live. You can't die.'

Soon, someone sent her clothes which were in her favorite color. And they were of the brand she often wore. "Who saved me?" Nicole asked. The servant pointed at her mouth. She was dumb.

Nicole's heart sank. The servant was actually dumb, which made her a little depressed. The servant pointed at the clothes in her hand, and then pointed to the direction of the bathroom, asking her to take a shower first.

Indeed, it was rare for her to take a bath after escaping for so long. If she was at home, she would not stand it. But outside, in order to survive, she had to endure it.

She soaked herself in warm water with essential oil. A faint fragrance spread.

Soon, she relaxed herself. She didn't know when she had fallen asleep. When she woke up, it was at the noon of the second day. She had a sound sleep, probably because she had been nervous and uneasy for a long time. At this moment, she was completely relieved. When she got up, someone took her to eat something. The food was her favorite.

Seeing this, Nicole couldn't help asking, "Did my mother ask you to save me? Where is the man who saved me yesterday? I want to talk to him. "

The dumb

t closer to Sven. In this way, she could clearly see the meaning in his eyes. This man was always calm, and the calmness even fell in his eyes. Was he really indifferent to the world?

In a flash, she clearly sensed the little cunning hidden in his eyes. She snorted coldly, stopped her action, and said coldly, "Mr. Sven, I'm an outsider and shouldn't say anything. I don't care about your family's affairs, but if your family interfere with my work, I won't be polite. "

"Don't worry. I'm a good citizen. I won't interfere with your work! "Sven said with a flattering smile.

Miranda sneered in the bottom of her heart, but she still pretended to be calm. "That's good. But if Mr. Sven knows where Nicole is, please tell us. I hope you don't have any selfish motives. "

"Well, I won't. You should know that I want to arrest her more than you do! "After Sven spoke of this, an unknown light flashed through his dark eyes.

"That would be the best. "Miranda said coldly and then asked a few more questions. Sven had a good attitude from beginning to end, but Miranda felt that something was wrong.

But she couldn't figure out where the problem was.

After answering all the routine questions, Sven was elegant and relaxed from beginning to end.

Finally, all the questions were over. Sven looked at Miranda's arm which was seriously injured. He said with concern, "Miss Miranda, you are injured now. You need to have a rest and come back to work after you recover. "

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