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   Chapter 216 Will She Be So Kind, Dream On It (Part Two)

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He was wearing a moon-white silk nightgown, loosely fastened to him. He was extraordinarily handsome. Looking at him like this, for some reason, Alline's heart skipped a beat. She thought, 'This man is really a temptress!'!

Of course, Hiram noticed her expression in an instant. He raised his eyebrows and squinted at her with a little interest. He patted the seat beside him and said casually, "Alline, come and sit here! "

Alline's scalp tingled. She always felt that her husband was not kind-hearted, so she obediently walked over and said, "Let's go to bed early. The plane is flying tomorrow morning! "

"I can't fall asleep. I want to have a chat with my wife. Hiram pulled her into his arms.

"We meet every day. There's nothing to talk about. Alline's tone was indifferent, as if she had no feelings.

"Alline, you are hiding from me! Hiram's tone suddenly sank, and even the smile in his eyes was suppressed. He looked at her with burning eyes, which were as bright as clear spring water. As soon as Alline raised her head, she looked into his eyes, as if she was sucked in by a whirlpool. She opened her mouth and wanted to explain, but Hiram interrupted her. He said slowly, "Since the day when Rebecca was in trouble, you are hiding from me. What he said was like a warning.

"I don't know what I have done to make you angry, but Alline, I don't want to guess your mind randomly. If I do anything wrong, tell me, or I will never understand your mind. "

With her head tilted to one side, Alline stood up and said, "Hiram, in fact..." she paused for a moment, licked her lips and continued, "Actually, it's nothing. You think too much. "

Could she ask him directly like that, 'Hiram, did you kiss Emma? Have you two been back together?'?

She didn't dare to ask. In the past, she had always said that she would divorce and stay away from Mo family. But now, she found that she had fallen into the Mo family's trap. It was about her and her brother. If she couldn't find her brother, Ethan wouldn't tell her what had happened.

Besides, why did Celine try every means to hide her brother?

What kind of shocking secret was there!

She had to figure it out!

Therefore, she was so timid that she didn't dare to ask him about his relationship with Emma. On the one hand, she cared about him, on the other hand, she couldn't escape. She had already fallen into the abyss, and it was difficult for her to get ashore.

"Really? His tone remained the same, and his eyes were as fiery as fire.

Being stared at by him, Alline's heart tightened. She wanted to look away, but she was forced to turn her head and look at him, "Of course it's true. And you are injured, so I don't want to disturb you. Hiram, don't be so narrow-minded, okay? "

Hearing that she said he was narrow-minded, he wanted to laugh, but he controlled himself and said, "My darling, are you sure I'm narrow-minded? "

It seemed that he had known something, which made Alline's heart tightened, "If it weren't you, would it still be me? She pushed his arm away. At this time, her phone suddenly rang. She st

ssed her more than once in ten days and half a month.

Besides, he had never seen Sven since Alline got married. How could he not worry about her?

Alline looked a little flustered. She folded the test report into her pocket, gently clenched her fists, and said in a calm tone as if nothing had happened, but with a firm tone, "uncle Johnson, I didn't have the ability to be filial to you before. Now that I have the ability, of course I have to take good care of you. "

She was thinking about how to say it. If Johnson knew that he had lung cancer, he would definitely not be willing to spend money to cure his disease.

Therefore, she had to find a way to make her uncle feel at ease in the hospital.

"By the way, where is your brother? We haven't visited him for a long time. We happened to go to the hospital to see him today, okay? In fact, Johnson wanted to come to the hospital to see Sven for a long time, but Alline always refused. She said that her brother needed to rest quietly and let Johnson see Sven when he recovered. In fact, Sven had already disappeared.

Hearing that, Alline was stunned. Thinking of what Celine had said, she thought for a thousand times, but she still tried to keep her tone calm as if nothing had happened. She said calmly as usual, "uncle Johnson, the doctor has really said that my brother's condition is stable now and he needs to rest quietly. It's not appropriate for him to see a guest. So, let's go to see him after a while, okay?

Anyway, if Celine was willing to give her brother back, she had to gamble.

"Alline, what happened to your brother? Why did you always stop me from seeing him? Johnson asked when he saw her pale face. He had only one sister who had given birth to two children in her life. He loved every one of them!

"How could it be possible? My brother is in hospital. Alline clenched her bag and said after a long silence.

Johnson saw the flicker in her eyes and asked seriously, "Then why don't you let me see him? Are you married to a rich family now and look down upon your uncle? "

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