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   Chapter 215 Will She Be So Kind, Dream On It (Part One)

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Alline had been waiting for Hiram for a whole day. During this period of time, she was not close to Hiram, and even a little cold, not only because of Rebecca, but also because of the subtle emotions in her heart.

The hug on the corridor of the hospital flashed into her mind from time to time.

It made her feel a little sad. Some problems that she didn't care about before slowly came to her mind like silk threads.

She remembered that she had just married to the Mo family. People like Gloria, Vivian, would try every means to tell her how Hiram liked Emma and how he had a good relationship with her. She didn't fall in love with Hiram at that time, so she could pretend that she didn't care.

She was just listening carefully.

But now, when she thought of these problems, she felt really uncomfortable.

Tossing and turning, she couldn't fall asleep. She called Hiram several times, but he didn't answer. Instead, Cathy called her and said that she was going back to HC City. There was something urgent that she had to deal with there, and she talked about Hiram casually.

Cathy told her that Hiram was sleeping in the villa.

Alline's mind was in a mess. Hiram had come back from the hospital. Why didn't he go home? Why did he run to the villa? She wandered back and forth at home for a while, and decided to drive to find Hiram.

When the car arrived at the villa, it was already past twelve o'clock. At this time, the servants were almost asleep. Alline changed her slippers and walked upstairs quietly as if she was afraid of disturbing someone. She turned on the light in the bedroom and found that Hiram was sleeping.

However, when she saw the marks on Hiram's face, Alline's eyes suddenly turned red. Who dared to beat him! She had to go all out to fight against him. She had married Hiram for so long, and he always paid attention to his appearance. He tidied himself up every day, shaved his beard every day, and wore all kinds of fashion clothes. This was the first time that this so handsome face became so miserable.

Half kneeling on the edge of the bed, Alline reached out her hand to touch his face, but she didn't dare to touch it, for fear of hurting him. She

n to him.

Before they left, Ethan looked at Alline several times. Surprised, she smiled and said, "Grandpa Ethan, if you don't want us to leave, we will go back to L city to see you later. She thought Ethan didn't want them to leave.

Ethan's eyes were deep, but he smiled faintly, "well, I will wait for you at home. Hiram, you can totally... "

Before Ethan finished his words, he was interrupted by Hiram, "Grandpa, it's okay. Anyway, HC City is not far from L city. We can take the plane very soon. If you miss us, we can go back at any time! Of course he knew what Ethan means. Although Ethan didn't care about what happened outside the house, he knew clearly what was happening in Mo family now.

Even if Rebecca had lost her child a second ago, the news would reach Ethan's ears the next second.

He just hadn't figured it out yet. He was afraid that the conflict between Hiram and Chester would escalate, so he pretended not to know.

There was a tinge of regret in Ethan's eyes, but he followed Hiram's words and said, "You stubborn child! I really can't do anything to you! "

The night before they went back to HC City, Alline had already asked someone to pack up everything properly. As soon as she walked out of the cloakroom, she saw that Hiram was sitting on the sofa. Because he had rested for a few days, the bruises on his face had faded a lot. Under the warm light, his handsome face was like a divine pillar, which was hard to forget.

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