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   Chapter 214 Either You Die Or I Live (Part Two)

Fail To Fall Out Of Love By Li Qing Characters: 9794

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Who would believe it?

It was Emma who did it. Now he finally understood what Emma was going to do. She was trying to make the two brothers turn against each other. In fact, she didn't have to do that. They couldn't get back together!

How could she personally stab this shaky relationship?

Emma, thinking of the name, he clenched his fists and said, "I'll make it up to Rebecca for what happened to her. He closed his eyes and said in a helpless tone. After all, the child was his. He had never thought of killing Rebecca's child.

How could Chester do that? After all, it was his first child.

When Emma lost her child, although the baby was not his, he also felt heartbroken.

When he heard the news that the baby was gone, he only felt that the world was shattered. It was his child. How could he not care? In fact, the child was just trying to contain Emma, but he did not expect that.

What's more, the child was not Rebecca's.

How could he be willing to kill this child? How could he bear it? His heart ached as if it was torn apart by life!

"Compensation? How can you make it up? Chester, do you think a word of compensation can make up for everything? Back then, uncle Jing's death had already pushed the Jing family into an irreparable situation, and now it's not enough for you to destroy Emma. Why did you get Rebecca into trouble? Chester, you are simply cold-blooded and ruthless! With his eyes almost popping out, Hiram looked as if he was going to eat Chester alive.

He clenched his fists and kept murmuring in his heart, 'It's not enough to vent my anger. I should have punched him a few more times just now. It's better for him to rest in bed for a few months.' Now he wished that he could cut Chester into pieces!

As soon as Chester opened his eyes, hostility flashed across his eyes, "Up to now, what qualification do you have to say me? if it wasn't for you, how could Emma's child be gone? Hiram, Emma is my fiancee, how can you do it!" "

When he closed his eyes, it was that scene. It was dazzling, as if his heart had been gouged out.

Chester had always been a proud man since he was a child. He didn't need anything, but his world collapsed in an instant. The scene in the morning that day was a nightmare that he would never wake up. His brother was lying in the same bed with the woman he loved most.

At that time, he wanted to kill two of them!

"I... Hiram's lips trembled, and his tone was as light as a sigh, "It was my fault at that time. You can blame me alone. I didn't say anything even if you killed me at that time, but why did you tell Grandpa about it! "

Everything was irreversible because Ethan knew it!

He would never forget the lightning, thunder and the shattering of that night.

His heart, for so many years, could no longer be pieced together.

"Tell Grandpa? "Hiram, why can't I tell Grandpa that you have done such a dirty thing behind my ba

t, "Is it really done by Chester? Cathy said in a low voice.

She was worrying that she wouldn't have a chance to teach Chester a lesson. Now, the chance came. She thought that Hiram was worth for beating!

Hiram rolled his eyes, but he couldn't do it. It hurt so much that he gritted his teeth and nodded, "Yes, I have broken up with him. From now on, you don't have to tell me what to do if he do some dirty things behind us. "

Hearing this, Cathy was extraordinarily hoarse. She widened her eyes and said, "Mr. Hiram, you keep your words! "

"From now on, he and I are at daggers drawn! After saying that, Hiram's eyes suddenly turned cold! Now that he couldn't pretend to be friendly on the surface, he decided to break up with him. Well, his previous tolerance could be regarded as paying off his mother's debt.

From now on, if Chester did something bad again, he would not spare him!

Cathy nodded and didn't say much. She helped Hiram deal with the wound with the first aid kit. What a heavy blow! After the wound was dealt with, Hiram lay on the bed again and closed his eyes in a daze.

"Hiram, when will you go back to HC City with Alline? Don't forget our big case! Cathy asked casually while packing up. After all, although she had left Gu family for many years and seldom went back, she knew that Gu family was very concerned about this case. The head office had ordered them to take it. She had been busy for a long time and didn't sleep well, so she didn't hear any movement from Hiram.

She couldn't help looking up, only to find that the man had already closed his eyes, and the treated wound looked more ferocious in the light.

Alas, this handsome face was really wasted!

"Two days later. Hiram made a vague gesture. He must recover in L city. Otherwise, he would be too embarrassed to go back to HC City with such a face. So, when he recovers they can take measures!

Besides, there is still time, isn't there?

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