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   Chapter 210 In The Past, He Had Fallen In Love With Her. (Part Two)

Fail To Fall Out Of Love By Li Qing Characters: 8678

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Alline was the freest person, so she became their secretary and was responsible for making coffee. For a moment, the three of them were so busy that they didn't even go back to the main house. Obviously, it was a conspiracy that restrained the three of them, leaving them no time to deal with other things. The next day, the situation was more urgent, and even the people in the head office knew about it.

Ryan called in person to ask about the matter. Because of this matter, the stock price of Gu group fell down, and several shareholders even insisted on holding a board meeting to discuss this matter. Harry could not suppress the anger of the shareholders in the head office. As for Hiram and Cathy, they were in the L city and could not go back in a short time because of Rebecca.

Therefore, that night, the three of them had a video meeting of five hours.

For the next three days, the crisis was not eased, but even got worse. Hiram and Cathy had worked overnight for three days. Even if they were sleepy, they just slept on the sofa for a while, drank a cup of coffee to sober up, and then continued to work. The phone in the study did not stop ringing. At this moment, Alline finally found out the gap between herself and the two, Cathy and Hiram. Moreover, she was more confused about the identity of Cathy.

Cathy could stand side by side with Hiram and face all the difficulties and crisis together, but she was like an outsider and couldn't blend in. During the video conference, she clearly heard everyone call Cathy boss.

Cathy was the boss. Cathy was the daughter of the Gu family. Then all things could be explained. No wonder Cathy had such a close relationship with Hiram. She was even familiar with Chester and Rebecca. It turned out that Cathy was Christa's niece, and she was the daughter of the Gu family.

However, Alline didn't understand why Cathy would come to the HC City for her business. If she was in the Gu family in the J city, she would be treated infinitely well and live a carefree life.

Why did Cathy come to the HC City and open the Sexy Club? The Sexy Club was a bar business and she dated with all kinds of playboys. Of course, although Cathy was in the bar, she didn't become one of them. Cathy was undoubtedly the most beautiful and the best.

For the next three days, the three of them were busy all day long, while Rebecca was safe and sound. It seemed that her pregnancy did not cause any conflicts, and Chester did not do anything, as if it was just an illusion of danger.

And in fact, nothing had happened.

It seemed that everyth

in the HC City. If this bidding was achieved, the Gu group would probably go further.

Therefore, during this period of time, Hiram had spent most of his time on business, but he still went to see Rebecca when he was free. Perhaps it was because of the shock last time, Rebecca had been ill in the bed these days. She didn't go out, only waiting for the final result.

For the next three days, Hiram asked Emma about the result every day, and Jenny and Jacob would tell him the latest progress. Everything was normal. Chester focused on his business. But the smooth was finally broken down on the fourth day.

When the news reached Hiram, he and Cathy had just finished the last meeting, which lasted for several hours. They looked tired. Obviously, they had not slept all night.

It was rare for Cathy to smile. She hung her body on Alline and deliberately exclaimed loudly, "Oh my god, I'm so tired. Alline, you have to give me a massage. I am exhausted! "

"Go downstairs and eat something. I'll help you release your stress later! "Alline looked at Cathy, and then looked at Hiram. Hiram was a little tired but didn't show it obviously, "Cathy, get away. Alline is also very tired! "

In the past few days, Alline had been very busy, so Hiram stretched out his hand, and pulled Cathy down. Then Cathy hung on him and lazily said, "Hiram, I'm really exhausted! "

Hiram frowned, "You are only good at coquetry! "But he held her arm and lifted her up. At the moment, his phone suddenly rang.

Cathy was shocked and looked at the screen subconsciously.

When she saw the name on the screen, she quickly stepped back from him. Hiram answered the phone, but at that moment, Alline clearly felt the coldness from him

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