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   Chapter 209 In The Past, He Had Fallen In Love With Her. (Part One)

Fail To Fall Out Of Love By Li Qing Characters: 7551

Updated: 2020-07-17 00:02

When Emma said this, she couldn't control herself anymore. She looked at Hiram blankly, full of complex emotions. Suddenly, she sniffed, and then suddenly stood up and threw herself into Hiram's arms. Stunned, Hiram subconsciously wanted to retreat, but it was too late. If he dodged, Emma would be injured, but he did not love Emma anymore. They were just only brother and sister.

Emma wanted to hug him. If he refused, Emma would be angry. For so many years, it was rare for Emma to soften her temper, make a concession, and even ask him for help. He had never refused her.

He had never refused her even before she had an accident.

So this time, he wouldn't refuse her.

But now, they were just brother and sister. Although he was not a man of principle, he would never get involved in the relationship that should not be involved.

But now, if he avoided her, she would fall down. While he was hesitating, Emma had fallen into his arms. There was a faint fragrance from her, the same as the past.

As soon as Emma fell into his arms, she held him tightly. She liked lying in his arms as before. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. There was an unspeakable surprise in her tone. "Hiram, I know you will help me. As long as you help me keep Rebecca's child, I will not hate you anymore! "

She said sincerely. Hiram nodded carelessly and said, "I'll try my best, but you have to prepare for the worst! "After all, although he had made a promise to her, he didn't dare to give her a result.

Now, his relationship with Chester was in jeopardy. If he was not careful enough, his relationship with Chester would be worse. Therefore, he had been enduring and giving in. He would give whatever Chester wanted, but at this moment, he was afraid that Chester would be heartless.

It was so easy to make an accident in this world.

Therefore, he didn't dare to give Emma a hope. But because of Emma, he was willing to give it a try again. He would try to persuade Chester, or help Rebecca leave safely and protect her. But he didn't know what Chester would do.

Emma silently nodded in his arms and said, "Hiram, I believe you. If you can't do it, no one in the world can help me. "She said pitifully, but there was a flash of coldness in

sappeared in an instant.

"Well, Okay. Whatever you do, Queenie and I will be with you. "Ray looked at her for a long time before he said lightly. Then he washed his hands in the lounge and came out to sit down beside the sofa. "Have something first! "

"Okay. "Emma nodded. She was anxious by his gaze. But now, she had come to this point, and she could not retreat anymore. After a long time, she said, "I'm afraid I have to trouble you in the work of the company these days. I have to stay with Rebecca. "

"You don't need to deal with it personally. "Ray stopped his action and sighed slightly. He looked at her in confusion. Actually, someone would deal with it for her, and she did not need to do it by herself.

"If I don't do that, will anyone believe me? "Emma smiled indifferently, but her tone was softer with a touch of sadness. Then she said, "Have a taste. "

Ray stared at her for a long time before he picked up his chopsticks and began to eat slowly.

At that night, Alline had thought that she could have a talk with Hiram. However, something had happened in the branch company of the HC City. The bad news had spread widely, and it was obvious that someone was controlling it behind. Hiram was in charge of it, but Jenny and Jacob had been sent to protect Rebecca in the Shen family, so Hiram could ask no one to investigate the matter. Since Cathy had been in the same city with Hiram and it was an emergency, Hiram and Cathy held a meeting to discuss this matter overnight.

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