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   Chapter 203 Do You Dare, Rebecca (Part One)

Fail To Fall Out Of Love By Li Qing Characters: 7409

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On the way back from the hospital, it was Chester who drove the car. The two sisters, Emma and Rebecca, were sitting in the back seat. Rebecca was too preoccupied to talk, and since Emma came back, she had been silent all the way, so the three of them didn't say anything. When they arrived at the Shen family's house, Bonnie, the nanny of Shen family, heard the noise and came out. After seeing Emma, she secretly winked at her, but Emma didn't know what she meant, so she sent Rebecca into the house.

But when she saw the woman sitting on the sofa, who was still noble, cold and gorgeous, with a radiant face, like a burning pearl, dazzling so that no one dared to look at her. She was wearing a simple and elegant dress, with a purple fur coat, looking unattainable.

Her hair was the most popular dye nowadays, with delicate makeup on her eyebrows. It could be said that this woman's eyes and expressions were full of the meaning of superiority and inferiority. When she saw Rebecca, her eyes finally softened a little, but when she looked at Emma beside her, the warmth in her eyes disappeared in an instant.

"Mom --" although Rebecca was surprised, she still greeted her mother in a soft voice. So did Chester. However, Emma glanced at her indifferently. She didn't intend to stay any longer and was about to go upstairs with Rebecca's stuff.

Mrs. Diana looked at her younger daughter up and down and suddenly shouted angrily, "Stop! "

Diana didn't like her eldest daughter since she was a child. Although she looked weak in her childhood, she was more stubborn than anyone else. Therefore, although she was not satisfied with the fact that Emma didn't call her mother, she had no choice.

However, Mrs. Diana just came back from abroad today. Although her perfect makeup alleviated her tiredness, her anger was suppressed by the attitude of Emma.

Emma stopped, she looked asked and said indifferently, "Mrs. Diana, what can I do for you? "

It seemed that the person standing in front of her was not her biological mother, but a stranger who had nothing to do with her.

However, what was waiting for Emma was a clear, crisp and bright slap. Emma didn't move or even dodge, allowing the slap t

e, but there was a faint coldness in his black eyes.

"I tell you, I won't abort this child. If you force me again, I will tell Grandpa Ethan immediately! Rebecca couldn't help but move backward. For some reason, after seeing the devil like Chester, she couldn't keep calm to this man anymore. He was more horrible than a devil. He could do anything for what he wanted!

She was afraid, really afraid. When she committed suicide that night, she had thought that he would change his mind and keep the child. She had summoned up all her courage to call him, but he directly wrote, "Then go to hell! "

He was so direct and cruel, even ignoring the flesh and blood in her belly.

Her heart was bloody and unbearable at that moment, so she chose to commit suicide. But she never thought that this man was so heartless. He spoiled her, loved her, but never said love. He didn't kick her away until he had used her enough!

She didn't understand why she had the same face with Emma and why the two brothers of the Mo family liked Emma!

Why? She didn't understand!

The fear in Rebecca's eyes was so direct that she didn't hide it. She just exposed it in front of Chester's eyes. With a faint sneer in his thin lips, he said, "Rebecca, dare you? "

These three simple words came out of his mouth word by word, as if they were a kind of amazing coldness. Her fingers trembled, and her body trembled uncontrollably. Her voice was dry, "Chester, I only want this child! "

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