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   Chapter 199 They Didn't like Mother And Daughter, But Like Enemies (Part One)

Fail To Fall Out Of Love By Li Qing Characters: 7550

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Emma answered the phone and there was a trance of impatience, but she said obediently, "Mrs. Diana. Her voice was indifferent, emotionless, but with a sense of alienation. 'You can imagine how alienated she and her mother is when she calls her mother Mrs. Diana.'

"Emma, why didn't you inform me of Rebecca's accident? If I hadn't called home today, would you have hidden it from me for the rest of your life? Diana Song said in a rather bad tone with a strong sense of blame.

Exhausted, Emma rubbed between her eyebrows. When she walked out of the ward, she felt a dull pain in her eardrum because of Mrs. Diana's sharp voice. She said in a weak tone, "Mrs. Diana, I'm sorry for what happened to Rebecca! I will take care of her until she recovers! "

"Why did she commit suicide? Diana didn't notice the tiredness in Emma's tone at all. Mrs. Diana had always held a feeling that she didn't know how to get along with Emma. They were mother and daughter, but they were even more like strangers.

After the accident of Emma's father, George Jing, Diana left the Jing family directly, and then took Rebecca to find another overseas Chinese. But Mr. Shen said that he didn't want to adopt two daughters at the same time, so Diana married him and just took Rebecca to the new family and lived a luxurious life. She abandoned Emma in an orphanage. Later, it was not until Ethan knew the condition of Emma that he took Emma back home from the orphanage and raised her up as a child bride. For so many years, before the accident happened to Emma, she had been gentle and mild.

As for Rebecca, she wasn't the Rebecca Jing anymore. She changed her name as Rebecca Shen and became the daughter of Shen family. The twins had different fates from now on. Later, Rebecca gradually grew up and missed her sister Emma. She came back from time to time, because she was familiar with the brothers of Mo family. As for Emma, she had no feelings for her mother. She was even indifferent to her. Since Diana remarried, Emma had no longer called her mother, but Mrs. Diana. Therefore, the relationship between the two was getting colder and colder.

It could be said that the two were not like a mother and a daughter, but like enemies. Of course, the only thing Emma in

fraid that what he knew would hurt him more.

He was afraid that if he asked her and stabbed the window paper, everything would become a mess. So sometimes, he would like to silently care about her, look at her, and sweep away her tiptoes. He would let her do whatever she wanted to do, but he did not dare to know the truth after she left that year. This might be his cowardice! He raised his hand and patted her on the shoulder, coaxing her as he had done when she was a child, "Well, Emma, don't be afraid. I'm here. I won't let anything happen to Rebecca. "

Emma's voice was muffled with a little sobbing, as if all her disguise today had been completely shattered at this moment, leaving only the real fragile Emma. When she was exposed in front of him in such a direct way, she lost her disguise and became no longer strong. Her tears fell down one by one, falling into his clothes, and clung to his skin. It was a little hot.

"Hiram, why? Why does Mrs. Diana always blame me for Rebecca's accident? I didn't do anything wrong. I never force her to do anything. I tried my best to promise Rebecca what she wanted to do. Why did she still treat me like this? Is it just because I was born an hour earlier than Rebecca and had to bear such a fate? Hiram, it's unfair! "These words have been hidden in her heart. Even the former Emma would never say these words, because she was born with an abandoned inferiority complex. Since her father passed away, she has never felt the warmth of a family.

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