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   Chapter 198 Alliine Had A Hard Time In Love (Part Two)

Fail To Fall Out Of Love By Li Qing Characters: 9779

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Rebecca, may you be safe! 'I hope you can recover as soon as possible!'

In the hospital, Rebecca was finally out of danger. Lying on the sickbed, her face was deathly pale, as if the bright red in her body had completely gone with her suicide. She was still on a drip on the bedside, but she was sleeping soundly, like a child who had made enough noise. Sitting quietly on the edge of the sickbed, Emma looked at her. Ray's long body leaned against the door, with a mysterious look on his face. He was thinking about something, but it could tell that he was in a bad mood.

Sitting on the sofa in silence, Hiram looked at Rebecca with guilt and remorse. He had never known that Rebecca would commit suicide for him, and his eyes were filled with pain and unable to control himself.

As for Ray, he fixed his eyes on Emma without moving away for a moment. From receiving the news of Rebecca's accident to sending her to the hospital, Emma didn't say a word. Except for the phone call with Hiram out of control, when she came to the hospital, she poked Hiram fiercely with her eyes like a knife, mercilessly and undisguised. He thought at that time, in addition to hating Hiram, in fact, Emma still had feelings for him in her heart! Otherwise, for so many years, no matter how he tried to please her, she had never seen him in her eyes. Emma once said that they were family and the closest in the world.

For her family, she could give up her own life. For her family, she could give up everything. For her family, she could do things she didn't like to do, but the two words "family" did not contain love.

He also knew that a person like him was not suitable for love. It was good for him and Emma to be like this now. They could snuggle up to each other and warm each other, and it was enough to give each other tenderness!

However, Rebecca, when his eyes swept over Rebecca's pale face, a tinge of sadness finally overflowed from his eyes. Perhaps only he knew whether it was heartache or pity. His phone kept ringing next to him. He had already adjusted the vibration and hung up the phone. At last, the company's phone directly called his assistant. The assistant was really helpless. Then he summoned up all his courage to come to the hospital. Ray finally nodded and agreed to leave.

Before leaving, Ray's eyes fell on Emma again. She kept the same posture, motionless, like a carved stone statue. He opened his mouth and wanted to say something, but finally said nothing.

Well, he could ask Queenie to come to the hospital to accompany her later. Queenie should have arrived at the hospital by now, so he thought for a while and knew that Emma wouldn't say anything at this time. Then he said to Hiram, "Call me if you need anything! "

The relationship between Hiram and Ray was not good or bad. The two of them were just nodding acquaintances in the business field, not to mention that the two of them

eep breath and said, "Okay, I'm not quarreling with you in the ward. Don't shake in front of me. I'm dizzy! "

Staring at her closely, Hiram found that even though Emma didn't drink any water for a day, her face was even paler than that of Rebecca, and her lips were a little dry, which made people feel sorry for her, "Emma, you haven't eaten anything for a day. If it goes on like this, your body will not be able to bear it. I have asked Jenny to book a hotel room nearby. Why don't you go there and have a rest tonight and come here tomorrow. I will accompany Rebecca. Emma's eyes narrowed. Hiram took a room card from Jenny and handed it to her. Then he continued to say in a peaceful tone, "If she wakes up, I'll inform you as soon as possible. "

Emma was indeed exhausted. She didn't sleep well these days. The Guan group had some crisis recently, and she hadn't slept well with Ray for several days. Queenie was also busy. The company had been in a meeting to discuss and solve the problem. Because of the accident of Rebecca, she and Ray had stayed in the hospital for more than one day, leaving the other shareholders behind.

She was indeed very tired. Her brain was swollen and her eyes were a little blurry. She was very sleepy. If she hadn't finished dealing with the matter and if it hadn't been for Rebecca's accident, she would have slept well for a few days. But now, what happened to Rebecca was like a huge stone pressing on her heart, making her unable to move, struggle and feel very uncomfortable.

A trace of hesitation appeared in her eyes, and she was thinking about something hesitantly. Seeing that it was hopeful for her to have a rest, Hiram could not help but repeat, "Emma, don't worry. Although I can't respond to Rebecca in love, she is still my sister. I won't let her suffer any harm. Please trust me! "

"Then... When Emma was hesitating, her phone suddenly rang. She looked down and her eyes narrowed...

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