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   Chapter 197 Alliine Had A Hard Time In Love (Part One)

Fail To Fall Out Of Love By Li Qing Characters: 7245

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When Alline saw this sentence, she subconsciously felt that Cathy was crossed in love, or she wouldn't have said it in such a tone. She paused for three seconds and slowly typed on the screen, "If you can't forget him, don't be too hard on yourself. Time will make you forget him. Sometimes, the more you want to forget someone, the more you can't forget him. So, Cathy, don't push yourself! "

After that, she took a deep breath and waited for Cathy's reply. Did Cathy really break up with her boyfriend? Cathy was indeed a little out of control last night, but after she asked Austin, he kept silent.

Alline was a little headache. She bit her lips and didn't move her eyes.

Unfortunately, Cathy didn't reply, and the red fox profile didn't beat any more. Her seductive eyes and posture were still seductive, just like her whole body, always in the most beautiful state to show the best charm.

Alline sent several messages to Cathy but she didn't Her profile picture completely darkened. Alline was in a daze and collapsed there powerlessly. She had a feeling that Cathy didn't want to talk about it. She just wanted to vent her anger.

What's more, what happened to Cathy today made Alline nervous. When she was about to call Cathy, Cathy called her first. She asked directly, "Did Rebecca commit suicide? "

"Yes. Alline replied her honestly and asked her, "Cathy, what's wrong with you these two days? "

Cathy's voice was as usual, with usual charm. She gently shook it, like a wind bell floating in the wind, "I just want to tease you. Alline, you care so much about me. You'd better care about your man's problem! "

Hearing Cathy's words, Alline rolled her eyes.

"By the way, is Rebecca dead? Cathy threw out another time bomb.

"I don't know. Alline replied sulkily.

"Hey, why don't you know that your rival in love is in hospital? Don't you go to the hospital to declare your sovereignty? Cathy teased.

"Declare what? Compared with Rebecca, my feelings for Hiram are nothing! Alline smiled bitterly, perhaps she was the most miserable legitimate wife in the world who has suffered so much. Her husband's ex-girlfriend committed suicid

e dizziness in his brain. He said in a low voice with a little ambiguity, "Alline, are you jealous? "

"Don't be jealous. I'm not jealous. I'm asleep! Alline's voice sounded a little annoyed. She didn't want to admit that she was jealous. In fact, she was already jealous, but sometimes, she didn't want to admit that she would be jealous, and afraid that one day, Hiram would be together with Emma again. Moreover, there was also Rebecca, who looked exactly like Emma.

Emma grew up with him. The two grew up together and promised each other for the rest of their lives.

Rebecca had been taking good care of him for so many years.

As for her, it was just because Ethan wanted her to marry into the Mo family and become Hiram's wife. After all, Alline had an inferiority complex. In front of the two sisters, she thought she had no chance of winning. Except for Ethan supporting her to become the daughter-in-law of Mo family, no one else approved of her.

She rubbed between her eyebrows tiredly and took a deep breath, as if she was going to spit out the annoyance in her heart.

No matter what, she wouldn't admit defeat. Even if Rebecca risked his life to retrieve the relationship, she wouldn't let Hiram go. She loved him, and she wanted to live and retreat with him. As long as Hiram didn't give up, she was willing to be with him side by side.

This was her promise. As for Rebecca, she prayed that God would protect her!

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