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   Chapter 196 Cathy, Why Didn't You Die (Part Two)

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"Mrs. Alline, I think you can have a bowl of this soup every time I make it. Besides, you haven't come back for a long time. I think you should miss it very much, so I made this fish soup. If you like, Mrs. Alline, I will cook it for you every day! In fact, Zelda likes Alline very much. Alline was about twenty years old, but she was a calm woman. She was neither arrogant nor willful. Even in Juan Garden, she would never scold anyone. Of course, if she made a mistake, her means were also unbearable. For example, last time when her mobile phone was passively attacked, she directly scolded everyone. When she used her power and power, people would feel panic, and at the same time, they could not help but secretly admired her.

Alline held a bowl of soup in her hand, "Thank you, Zelda. I'll tell you in advance if I want to drink! The most important thing was whether she could stay in L city or not. She was right. The matter was in the control of Hiram, so she didn't want to give a direct reply.

After dinner, Alline forced herself to eat more, in case of wasting Zelda's kindness. After dinner, she thanked Zelda and went upstairs. When she returned to her room, she also had nothing to do, which made her feel bored.

Turning on the TV, changing channels, changing channels again, and finally changing almost all the channels, and finally leaving them on a drama channel. The players were laughing on the screen, but she didn't show any smile on her face. She looked at them expressionlessly, frowning, as if it was a very strange thing. She pursed her lips, and the corners of her mouth quickly pulled into a straight line.

Finally, she couldn't stand it anymore. She took out her phone and wanted to call Hiram to ask about Rebecca.

But when she picked it up, she hesitated again. If Rebecca was safe, Jenny would call back. But Jenny had never called back. Was Rebecca not in a good condition? She sat up from the sofa and walked back and forth. This inexplicable feeling had been bothering her, as if this feeling wanted to tear her apart.

It was not until a call from Cathy broke the silence that Cathy's voice was as gentle as ever, making it hard to tell her true emotions, "Alline, what are you doing? "

"I'm so boring! Alline replied.

"Let's play the game! Cathy was straightforward.

"Okay, but Cathy, are you okay last night? She clearly remembered Cathy's gaffe last night. She sent several messages to her in the afternoon, but she didn't reply. Alline thought she was busy, so she didn't call her.

There was a moment of silence on the other side of the phone. Then Cathy said as if nothing had happened, "What do you think I can do? Just take it as what I did yesterday! I'll wait for you in the game! Then she hung up the phone.

Alline didn't have time to refute. She sighed and knew that Cathy must be stimulated. She wanted to call Austin to ask about the situation, but Austin was still on the phone. She had no choice

What's good about you?' She suddenly bent over the table and burst into tears until her eyes were red. Austin handed her a piece of tissue and sighed, "Cathy, why do you have to do this? You will just hurt yourself! "

Cathy wiped her face and stood up. She was the proud queen again, as if no one could knock her down. With a cold smile at the corners of her mouth, she said, "Don't worry. I won't use such a stupid method next time! "

Then she drove back to Sexy Club with a murderous look on her face.

After ending the game, Cathy collapsed on the chair and took a deep breath, as if she was more depressed. Her broken heart was squeezed hard. Back then, that knife almost killed her. She was hurt badly and laid on the bed in Gu family for half a year before she could barely live. She thought that Stephen really wanted to kill her. Otherwise, how could he be so cruel!

But what hurt her more was that Stephen didn't believe her and never believed her. He insisted that it was her who killed Caroline. She was really jealous of Caroline. She really wanted to kill her and find someone to kill her silently. But in the end, she didn't dare. No matter how jealous she was, she was not so crazy, but everyone thought that she killed Caroline, and even Stephen thought so.

People all over the world didn't have to trust her, but Stephen, why did he think so? She raised her hand and covered her heart. All her toughness had disappeared, only endless sadness and despair.

'Cathy, why are you still so stubborn? Why don't you give up? Can't you calm down your relationship except death?'

She opened her QQ account and sent a message to Alline, "Let's talk on QQ! "

Then she turned off the QQ in an instant, and then Alline logged in QQ again. Knowing that Cathy was in a bad mood, she sent a funny expression to amuse her, and then typed a line of words, "What's up? Who is so blind that makes our beauty Cathy angry? "

"Alline, how can I forget someone? "

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