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   Chapter 193 He Owed One Of Them A Life, And The Other A Lifetime. (Part One)

Fail To Fall Out Of Love By Li Qing Characters: 7602

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Emma cried on the other side of the phone, "Hiram, Rebecca committed suicide last night, and she is still in the emergency room. I'm afraid that something might happen to her. You'd better go back to the L city to see her for the last time! "

Over these years, Hiram had actually forgotten that Emma would cry. After she came back to life, he had never seen her cry again. Her expression was as hard as iron, as if she would no longer cry after what had happened in the past.

Hiram still remembered that when Emma was young, she would cry, and often followed behind him and Chester. When she was wronged, she would sniff in a low voice, which was really pitiful. What made Emma change to a calm and emotionless puppet? People would never see through what was hidden under her mask. They would never know what she was thinking. She even planned to cover her face with a mask so that people couldn't see the real Emma.

But now, when he heard the helpless voice of Emma, he was stunned. He tried his best to calm down and comforted her on the other end of the phone, "Emma, don't cry. Take your time. I'll be back to the L city soon. Rebecca will be fine! "He tried to comfort her, but in the end, he didn't know what he was talking about.

His mind went blank. If something happened to Rebecca, Emma would have no relatives in the world.

Although Emma's mother was still alive, she was not close to Emma. That was why he felt so sorry for Emma. His heart seemed to be pulled by something, and he spoke incoherently. At last, after he hung up the phone, his face was still blank. He just only felt shock, as well as heartache.

Alline looked at Hiram anxiously, and asked him after a while, "What's wrong, Hiram? "

"Alline, let's go back to the L city right now! "Without answering her question, he stood up straight from his seat and strode out. In a hurry, Alline followed him. She had just heard that something seemed to have happened to Rebecca.

The day before yesterday, Rebecca was still in the HC City. How could something happen to her all of a sudden? Alline was also confused.

Hiram called Jenny and asked her to arrange a private air route for him. If the private air route couldn't be arranged, he would like Jenny to book the fastest airline to t

L city had already been spread to the Mo family. Ethan had sent someone to drive them home first. But Hiram hurried to go to the hospital to see Rebecca, so Alline went back home first.

Watching him get into the car and gradually go away, Alline felt a little sad. When Hiram left, the anxiety on his face was undisguised, and he even ignored the disappointment on Alline's face. In fact, Alline was willing to accompany him and wait outside the operating room for Rebecca, but obviously, he did not give her such a chance.

The driver next to Alline reminded, "Mrs. Mo, let's go back first! "

It was not until then that she came to her senses. She smiled apologetically at the driver and said, "Okay! "Then she bent over and got in the car of the Mo family. Her mind was heavy, as if there was something empty in her heart.

Alline had not come back to the L city for a long time. She found that everything in the Mo family seemed to be the same. The scenery was still beautiful and elegant. It was undeniable that the Mo family had a good view at any time. When she went in, she felt warm and comfortable. But she didn't want to appreciate the view at all. After getting out of the car, she went to the L Garden to greet Ethan and Denise. Ethan showed great enthusiasm for her coming back. He cared about her for a while, but Denise was not good to Alline. She greeted Alline indifferently and then turned back to her room, as if she didn't want to stay in the same place with Alline for one more minute.

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