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   Chapter 176 My Wife (Part Two)

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So how could he let her go? How could he let this stubborn, reckless, stubborn and fragile girl leave him? He didn't want her to go, really didn't want her to go, so he was willing to cut off her love with another man and let her stay with him.

He could give anything Colin gave her before. He could also give her what Colin couldn't do.

Being yelled at inexplicably by Hiram, Alline felt wronged, her sadness was just like a small river, with her eyes blinking and tears about to fall. She was particularly pitiful. Biting her lips, she said pitifully, "I think you haven't come back, so I'm waiting for you here. Let's go home together. "

Her voice was light and soft, like cotton candy, suddenly hit the most fragile part of his heart. Hiram opened his mouth, and after a long time, he found his own voice, "You can't wait here. Do you know how cold it is now? Look at your hands. Then he wrapped her small hand with his big hand.

He didn't notice it just now, but when he touched it, he found that Alline's little hands were as cold as ice. At this moment, she felt a pain in her feet. She raised her feet and looked at her legs in the dim light. Her feet were bare, she didn't even wear socks. There were blood stains on the soles of her feet. She didn't feel pain just now, but now the pain was all over. It hurt so much that she gritted her teeth and was about to cry.

When she rushed out of the hotel just now, she didn't feel anything but kept walking. She didn't feel any pain when she bumped into something on the road, as if she didn't feel it at all. But now, Hiram came back, and her grievance came out. She felt that all the things that had been suppressed for the whole night were sprayed out at this moment. It was really aggrieved, really painful. She couldn't bear it. She held her mouth and shouted, "My feet hurt! "

As soon as Hiram saw the two pairs of blood marks under the soles of her feet, his face darkened again, "I think you don't know it hurts at all! How long did it take for her to wear her feet like this? Was she stupid? Why didn't she call him? Did she come from the hotel? He looked at her up and down and finally confirmed his thought. There was nothing all over Alline's body, and she didn't even know where to throw her bag, and she was wearing a man's suit.

All of a sudden, his eyes darkened. The clothes didn't look like Colin's, but he didn't know who it was. He was unhappy about it, but what annoyed him more was that she was so stupid to walk so far. Look at the small and exquisite injury on her feet. It really hurt him. Looking at the gloomy face of Hiram pitifully, Alline said timidly, "My darling Hiram, I feel pain, hungry and cold. Can you take me home? "

If she was acting like a spoiled child in normal times, Hiram would be very happy, but now there was only anger left. He just left for a while, how could she make herself so embarrassed? 'Alline, you are re

changing, Cathy was also changing a lot.

Fortunately, Alline made friends with Cathy. Because of Cathy, Alline's life had changed completely.

When they went out, Hiram went to the kitchen to heat two bags of milk and a piece of bread. Fortunately, these had been prepared at home. After taking these, he stuffed them into the arms of Alline, and then picked her up, "Eat something first. I guess there is nothing to eat outside now. Besides, it was too late to wake up the cook.

"Well, Hiram, it's so good to have you. She was held in his arms and swayed gently, just like her brother carrying her on his back when she was a child.

"Why don't you wear shoes today? He forgot it just now. When she sat at the door, she didn't have shoes on her feet. What about her shoes? Did she lose them?

As expected, Alline pouted and took a sip of the milk before she mumbled, "I lost my shoes. "

"Why did you lose it? Seeing that she didn't want to talk about it anymore, Hiram added. Probably because of Nicole, he felt a little regretful to leave Alline in the banquet hall. He should have taken her with him all the time.

With the milk in her hand, Alline smiled foolishly and said, "My feet hurt and I can't walk. I just lost the shoes. At that time, her mind was in a mess. She lost one of her shoes. It took her a long time to realize that it was more inconvenient to walk in one shoe, so she lost it directly.

At this moment, the sole of her foot was pricked. As expected, she didn't feel it when she rubbed it before. Now she felt it back and it was so painful that she couldn't help but bite her lips. Then she raised her head and kissed his thin lips, "I was wrong. I won't do it again! "

With a slight smile at the corners of his mouth, Hiram said, "If you dare to run around next time, I will beat you!" "

Alline shivered. Sure enough. It was useless to seduce him. If she had known it earlier, she would not have seduced him.

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