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   Chapter 173 If He Doesn't Inherit The Mu Family's Business, Who Will Inherit It (Part One)

Fail To Fall Out Of Love By Li Qing Characters: 6909

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Although Cathy had been mentally prepared when she jumped into the water, she was still shivering by the chillness in the water, and then began to grit her teeth. It was fucking cold. The chill outside her body mixed with the heat in her body, making her feel that life was worse than death. She didn't care, directly soaked her whole body in the water and dispelled the heat in her body.

With his eyes wide open, Charles wondered what kind of weather it was. This woman dared to stay in the cold water, "Cathy, are you crazy? "

Cathy's whole body sank, and the heat all over her body instantly dissipated. But as soon as she came out of the water, the fire in her heart was ignited again. She shivered and continued to get into the water. She had no choice. If the effect of the drug didn't recede, she had no strength and couldn't subdue Charles. If she couldn't control Charles, she would be doomed tonight, so she couldn't be at the mercy of others. No matter how cold or frozen it was, she could bear it and go through this. She didn't know how long she had been soaked in the bathtub. Charles kept calling Cathy's name on the shore.

However, Cathy didn't answer him at all. There was a dead silence in the pool, as if no one had been soaked in it just now. Did she faint in the water? Charles knew the effect of the medicine, and a man couldn't bear it, let alone a delicate and weak woman like Cathy. Squatting in the pool, Charles called tentatively again, "Cathy, Cathy, where are you? "

No one answered him. There was dead silence in the pool, no sound, and even no ripples on the surface of the water.

Charles was a little worried. Was there anything wrong with this woman? He hadn't got the chip he wanted, so he couldn't let anything happen here. He was about to take out his mobile phone and ask someone to pick up Cathy. Before he could get the mobile phone, suddenly there was a splash in the pool. Cathy's body floated out of the water. At the same time, she moved as fast as lightning, and her five claws opened like hawk claws and rushed t

ling with unknown hatred. She did not know whether she had the right to hate Colin or Nicole. She only knew clearly that Colin had betrayed her four years ago and had been with Nicole. While saying those disgusting sweet words to herself hypocritically, he was also with Nicole, how could he do this to her? How could he hide it from her for so many years.

Her whole body was as cold as ice, as cold as snow, as cold as ice, as frost. She didn't know how she left the banquet hall and how she walked out of the hotel. When she came to herself, she found that she had walked on the street alone, with nothing except a coat of William on her body, and even lost one of her high heels. She simply took off the other. She threw it into the trash can and continued to walk towards her home. Step by step, her feet were broken and bleeding. She couldn't bear the pain even if she took a step, but she didn't want to stop. Maybe she would forget it after the pain.

After tonight's pain, tomorrow she would completely forget about Colin, and from now on, she would never be involved. She had lost him once, and he had lied to her for four years. If today Nicole didn't tell her about that, or if it was not the token she gave him, she might be deceived by him for a lifetime.

He knew clearly that she hated Nicole the most in her life. Why did he choose to be with Nicole? Why!

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