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   Chapter 170 I Wish You Would Be Happier Than Me. (Part Two)

Fail To Fall Out Of Love By Li Qing Characters: 8279

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"Wait a minute. "William suddenly said, pretending to take off his coat.

Alline understood what he meant and was confused. But when she saw the wine stains on herself, she frowned. She forgot that there were wine stains all over her body, but how could William be so kind? "No, thanks. "She still wanted to refuse, and she searched for Hiram all over the place. But there were so many people that she couldn't find him for a while.

"Hiram has left earlier. Alline, I know you don't like me, but if you go out with this dress, I'm afraid it will be not good for you. "After saying that, he had unbuttoned his suit jacket and put it on her. "I don't mean to harm you, my sister. "

"Thank you. I'll bring it back to you some other day. "Then she left.

When William opened his mouth and wanted to say something more, Alline had turned around and walked towards Colin who was not far away. She reached out her hand and held his arm. At the same time, Colin turned his head slightly and seemed to look at William, but he did not say anything. He walked towards the other side with Alline.

"Well, it's getting more and more interesting. "William smiled playfully. 'I'm looking forward to what will happen next?'

"What happened just now? "Colin glanced at her and sighed helplessly. He had seen what happened just now, but he didn't see that Alline bumped into William, so he asked in confusion.

The smile on Alline's face had faded away. She turned her head and said seriously, "Nothing. It's just an accident. Colin, do you have time? I have something to ask you alone. "

Colin paused and looked at Alline in surprise. He thought that after what had happened just now, she wouldn't come to him tonight. He didn't expect that she would come to him again and even ask him questions, which made Colin feel bad, but he didn't show it on his face. His eyes were indifferent. "Okay. If you have any questions, just ask me. I will tell you everything I know. "

Glancing at him, she felt a chill rising from the bottom of her heart. She still couldn't understand why Colin had been lying to her for so many years. If he liked Nicole four years ago, he could directly tell her. And she would not pester him. If he wanted to be with Nicole, she would not object, and would even say congratulations. But she couldn't stand that Colin had acted to deceive her. Others were sober. Only she was like a contemptible scoundrel, bearing the attention and mockery of others. She fe

Please come with me now. "

Colin sighed, but he didn't let go of Alline. After thinking for a while, he said, "Alline, please wait for me here. I'll come to you after I finish my work. Let's make it clear. "

Alline didn't say anything but looked at him indifferently.

Colin shook her arm and said in a firm voice His eyes were clear, and there was stubbornness in them. "Alline, please! "

"Colin, the engagement ceremony is about to begin. Hurry up. Don't delay it. "Alline looked away. Her tone was cold and indifferent.

Colin was about to say something more, but the butler next to him urged him, "Mr. Colin, it's time to go. "

He sighed helplessly, feeling that his heart was so heavy that he almost couldn't breathe. He wanted to explain to her, but he knew that if he didn't turn out now, he was challenging Sean. Sean would never allow anyone to look down on his authority. So he hesitated for a moment, raised his eyes to look at her, and then turned around and left. But his steps were a little heavy, striking his heart.

He didn't understand why Alline had changed so much in such a short period of time. What he wanted was not her refusal, but that even if she was with Hiram, her heart was still with him. Only in this way could he be sure to let her come back to him. He wanted to finish the engagement ceremony as soon as possible.

For the whole night, he didn't hear anything. He just subconsciously exchanged rings with Nicole and said those vows which were against his will. He thought it would be great if the person standing in front of him was Alline. And would he still be with her for the rest of his life?

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