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   Chapter 169 I Wish You Would Be Happier Than Me. (Part One)

Fail To Fall Out Of Love By Li Qing Characters: 7130

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Alline's brain was in a mess. She looked at Nicole, as if she couldn't hear anything. She wanted to roar and scold her, 'Bullshit! How dare you! Colin doesn't want to touch you at all. How could you be pregnant? You're thinking too much. How could you have a child? It's impossible!'

How could Colin have a child with Nicole? With her eyes wide open, Alline couldn't believe what she had heard. She shook her head and said, "No, it's impossible. You can't have a child with Colin. "

Moreover, she was still with Colin four years ago. If Nicole had a child with Colin at that time, then what did Colin treat her as? What was the point of what she had done today?

"Well, Alline, you don't believe me, do you? You can ask Colin if it's true. Oh, by the way, do you need to check my pregnancy report? "Seeing that Alline's face changed, Nicole felt better. She continued word by word, "Till now, don't you understand? You have always been thinking too much. Four years ago, Colin already had me in his heart. "

"That's impossible! I don't believe it! "Alline suddenly cried out. Her eyes were bright and deep, like the stars at night.

However, Nicole stepped forward and deliberately approached her. Nicole whispered in her ear, "Alline, there's nothing I can do if you don't believe me. But do you still remember what it is? "She suddenly took out a necklace. There was a stone on it, which was polished by Alline herself in the past. She engraved words on it and gave it to Colin. It was unique in the world, but she didn't expect Nicole had it.

"Give it back to me! "Alline tried to grab the necklace, but Nicole quickly put in in her palm and pushed her away. Her eyes were brighter. "I remember you gave it to Colin, didn't you? But four years ago, when he left, he gave it to me. Do you still think he loves you? "

"Nicole, I don't believe you. You are lying. It's impossible for Colin to fall in love with you! "Alline felt a sharp pain in her temples. She wanted to slap Nicole on her face, but she knew that if she was impulsive now, she would make a fool of herself later.

However, if it was true that they ha

longer, not to mention that William was difficult to deal with. When she worked in the Sexy Club, he had kept harassing her. If he knew her true identity, it would be embarrassing. So she didn't want to get involved with him at all.

"You've been hiding from me for so long. Are you going to keep hiding? "William suddenly smiled faintly. To be honest, when he first saw Alline today, he wanted to say hello to her, but he didn't come to embarrass himself because of Hiram's vigilance. Now that Alline was alone, of course he must seized the opportunity to approach her. At this moment, the red wine just spilled on her, and the wet dress perfectly clung to her body. She was so plump and attractive that people couldn't help but stare at her.

At the thought of her movements on the stage, William breathed heavily, but he looked calm.

"What... What do you mean? "William's eyes alerted her.

William squinted his eyes and said coldly, "Nothing. I just want to remind you that we are half-brother and half-sister. If you have any problems, you can tell me and I will help you. "

Hearing what he said, Alline felt relieved. "Well, I don't dare to bother you, Mr. William! Besides, please don't be so close to me. I only have one brother, and he is Sven. "Then she turned her head and saw Colin walking towards them from a distance. Alline smiled at William and said, "Excuse me, I have something else to do. "

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