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   Chapter 168 We Had A Child Before (Part Two)

Fail To Fall Out Of Love By Li Qing Characters: 8015

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'Don't you say that you loved Alline? Don't you say that you could do anything for her? But now you are doing something and married someone else.' Did this make Alline give up completely? Although Hiram didn't say anything, Colin saw it from his eyes.

"Excuse me. You can do whatever you want. Colin suppressed a fire in the bottom of his heart, and he didn't want to stay any longer. He dragged Nicole away. Nicole was dragged by him and stumbled. She was a little embarrassed, and her depressed eyebrows were full of depression. The two went straight to the room. Nicole couldn't help saying angrily, "Colin, what do you mean! "

"I... what do you mean? Colin let go of her arm and frowned.

"Today is our engagement party. Are you going to marry me? If you really don't want to, I won't beg you to marry me! The two were about to enter the room. Sean was inside now. If Colin went back on his word at this time, Sean would definitely not agree. That's why Nicole said so.

Otherwise, she wouldn't dare to ruin her engagement party with Colin.

"If you don't want to marry me, I don't want to either. Nicole, remember, we are just getting what we need. Don't pressure me with the identity of Mrs. Mu! Colin's face darkened instantly. He stared at Nicole fiercely.

"Shut up! Suddenly, a clear voice came from the room. It was Sean, the current power holder of the Mu family.

"Grandpa Sean! Colin heard Sean's voice and called him unwillingly.

When he heard the quarrel between the two people, his face darkened. The coldness in his eyes was daunting, and even his usual tone sank, "Colin, no matter what you think, the first condition for you to be the president of the Mu group is to marry Nicole. If you don't want to marry her, you can leave at any time. I will never stop you. "

Colin lowered his eyes, clenched his fists and remained silent.

Seeing such a situation, Nicole didn't expect that Sean would be so serious. She couldn't help but persuade him, "I'm sorry, Grandpa Sean. It's all my fault. I just made Colin unhappy, and he didn't intend to refuse to marry me. "

Sean's face was still gloomy, "Nicole, I heard your quarrel just now. You don't have to spoil him like this. I know he is unhappy, but you are my granddaughter-in-law chosen by myself. I won't let him refuse you. I will never let you suffer. If he really hurts you, I would rather cancel the marr

ore was that he didn't want to make her embarrassed, but now he made himself sadder, more painful and more guilty.

When Hiram was about to come over, he received a phone call. His expression changed all of a sudden. He told Jenny to take Alline back later and then leave directly. However, Alline didn't have any reaction and slowly shook out of the banquet hall. Suddenly, her hand was pulled hard. She turned her head in surprise, and saw a pair of angry eyes of Nicole.

Before she could react, Nicole had dragged her to a corner of the first emperor, "Nicole, what are you going to do? Do you know this is your engagement party! "

"Of course I know. Alline, what do you mean? You came here today just to make sure that Colin won't get engaged to me. Alline, you are so disgusting. You don't want anyone else to get what you can't get! Nicole was so angry that she had nowhere to vent. Now she happened to find that Alline was left alone. She pulled her out without saying anything, just to ask her why.

Alline simply nodded and admitted frankly, "Yes, I came here today to prevent you from being engaged to Colin. He doesn't like you at all. Being with you is just torturing each other. Nicole, if you are sober enough, you should know that the person in his heart has always been me, and he doesn't like you at all! "

Hearing that, Nicole's face was so distorted that she wanted to slap Alline on the face. She said word by word, "Oh, he doesn't like me, Alline, how can you judge that Colin doesn't like me? You probably don't know that. I and Colin had a child four years ago. "

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