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   Chapter 167 We Had A Child Before (Part One)

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The engagement party in HC City was usually arranged in the evening. Since there was nothing else to do at home, so after Hiram went out, Alline went to Sexy Club with her bag. When she arrived, Cathy wore a loose nightgown, she couldn't help kicking Cathy, "Beauty Cathy, be careful that I take a photo of you like this. If I expose it, you may be famous tomorrow! "

Cathy made a fascinating move and blinked her eyes, "Come on, honey. Take some beautiful photos for me. If you take some ugly photos, I'll kill you. I'm just worried that there are fewer pursuers recently. Then she sighed sadly.

"Bullshit! Who believes you! Alline didn't want to talk to her because of her complacent face. When she came in, she heard from Austin that there was something wrong with Cathy recently. There was also a super-rich man who sent flowers every day. He sent her 999 roses which were almost going to drown the Sexy Club. She really couldn't see that Cathy had fewer pursuers.

After a while, Cathy sat cross legged on the white carpet, looking lazy and sexy. She smoothed her hair and pointed at the large fitting room inside. She said lazily, "The dresses are all over there. Pick whichever you like! "

Without any hesitation, Alline took out Cathy's clothes and began to try them on one by one. The bare pink, pure white, light blue, red, champagne, and silver purple clothes were all tried on. After a while, Cathy lazily leaned against the sofa and casually glanced at her, "Alline, don't go too far. Do you have any suitable clothes to pick? "

With a sad look on her face, Alline said, "I think I should choose something low-key. But look at these clothes. They are all bare chested and can't be worn! "

Cathy cast a sidelong glance at her and said, "Fuck off! You have a better figure than me, but you're still being sentimental. Finally, she stood up slowly and picked a bare pink dress for Alline. She asked Alline to put it on and she stood in front of the fitting mirror.

The bare pink dress fitted Alline perfectly, wrapping her perfect figure. The soft line clung to her slender waist.

The back of the dress was curved in layers, revealing a beautiful back, which was so beautiful that people couldn't take their eyes off it.

Seeing this, Cathy's eyes lit up. She sighed sincerely, "Alline, haven't you al

see how long you can hold on!'

At the same time, when Alline saw that Nicole was walking towards them arm in arm with Colin, her heart suddenly tightened. Subconsciously, she held Hiram's arm tightly. Before she could say anything, Colin walked up to them with Nicole and stretched out his hand, "Mr. Hiram, it's such an honor for you to come here today! "

Hiram replied flatly, "Mr. Colin, you're engaged. Of course I will be there to celebrate it. Wish you a happy marriage! "

After all, Colin was able to calm himself down, with a faint smile on his face. However, on the other side, Nicole looked at Alline with a meaningful look in her eyes. Alline smiled faintly and said, "Miss Nicole, congratulations on your achievement. "

"Thank you, Mrs. Alline. After all, Nicole was a sophisticated woman. Even though she hated Alline so much in her heart, she still pretended to be calm. She finally made Colin nod to agree to the engagement, and she would never allow anyone to destroy it.

Mrs. Alline? Hearing this, Colin's face changed again. Looking at Alline in front of him, the restlessness in the bottom of his heart rose, which made him subconsciously tighten his hands on the woman's body. Feeling that, Nicole's face changed and could not help but called out gently. It was not until then that Colin realized that he had just used too much strength. He quickly released his hands. When he raised his eyes, he saw the faint touch in the eyes of Hiram as if he was mocking him that he would never be able to get Alline in his life.

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