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   Chapter 166 It's Nicole Who Are Embarrassed. What Are You Afraid Of (Part Two)

Fail To Fall Out Of Love By Li Qing Characters: 10405

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Cathy sneered and changed her posture. She said coldly, "Go on. "

More importantly, Colin is also here. Alline scratched her head weakly and briefly told Cathy what happened today. She continued to say, "Tell me, what kind of punishment did I make today? Why did I choose other day instead of today. "

"Alline, are you out of your mind recently? But you have already said and done those things, why are you so upset? You can't be in a bad mood because of this. What's going on? Cathy said calmly after hearing what Alline said.

Alline was a little frightened and acted like she was very afraid of something, "Honey, are you following me tonight? "

"Do I need it? Cathy mocked.

"Well, that's indeed not the case. This Saturday, Colin is going to be engaged to Nicole. Do you think I should go there or not? I always feel that Colin and Nicole have other purposes for their marriage, but I can't figure it out now. Alline couldn't figure out whether Colin deliberately made her feel guilty or not, so he chose to be with Nicole on purpose. The more she thought about it, the more confused she became. Especially what Colin said later, and she naturally told Cathy. In this world, except for Cathy, she didn't know whom to talk to.

Cathy didn't seem to be surprised at Alline's words. She sighed, "Alline, why are you so narcissistic? I can guarantee that you have nothing to do with the marriage of Colin and Nicole. Don't make trouble for yourself, but it's impossible to say that it has nothing to do with you. In a word, it has something to do with you. So you can rest assured! "

"What do you mean? Alline didn't understand. Cathy made her even more confused.

"It doesn't matter. You will know it in the future. Let me tell you what you should do now. Since he is going to get married, you should give him your best wishes. Don't make it seem as if you owe him millions. He didn't keep his promise and left you without saying a word. Now that you are married, it's useless for him to come back again. You can only say that he broke his promise first. You don't have to stress yourself. Cathy began to analyze to her. At last, she made Alline feel better.

In the end, Alline asked eagerly, "Do you think I should go to the engagement party of Colin and Nicole? "

"Why not? Of course you should attend his engagement. You are the daughter of Lou family. Since she dares to invite you, of course you should go to support her. At that time, if anything happens, it will be Nicole who will be embarrassed. What are you afraid of! Cathy said without hesitation. She had seen Nicole before. For one thing, Nicole didn't like women like Cathy. For another, Cathy didn't like Nicole either. If her real identity was revealed, she was afraid that Nicole would only come to curry favor with her. On the one hand, Nicole pretended to be pure and dismissive; on the other hand, she envied Nicole's free and easy life. What was it called? Who couldn't reach the grapes and complained that they were sour. Cathy didn't have many friends in HC City, and Alline was one of them. Speaking of this, Cathy blin

ace suddenly darkened, as cold as ice. He looked at Nicole and lifted the corners of his mouth with a faint smile. It was as cold as water, as cold as ice, "Miss Nicole, you're so confident, are you sure your name can appear on my household register? Not to mention that we are only engaged tomorrow, even if we are going to get married, are you sure this wedding will go on? "

"What... What do you mean? Nicole didn't know why, Colin was smiling, but he was extremely terrible. Nicole had never known that Colin had such a terrible side, which made her tremble with cold. She was wondering if she shouldn't come today?

"Nothing. As long as you behave well, the position of Mrs. Mu is yours. But if you provoke me, I don't dare to maintain our relationship. So, Nicole, you give me enough freedom, I give you enough space. We have nothing to do with each other, and I will give you everything you want. Colin's eyes suddenly darkened, but his voice was slow. With a smile at the corners of his mouth, he looked like an angel if Nicole didn't listen to him.

Hearing that, Nicole's face turned pale. She looked at Colin in a daze, but her tone softened, "Colin, I won't dare to do that again. I come here just to remind you to try on the dress with me to see if it is suitable or not. If it is not suitable, we can adjust it. "

Hearing that, Colin smiled with satisfaction. He lifted the corners of his mouth and casually pinched her chin with his slender fingers. Although he didn't use much strength, it made Nicole feel that his fingers were as cold as water, "That's good. Okay, I'll go with you to try on the dress. "

Taking a step back, Nicole averted his eyes and said, "Okay, let's try on the clothes! But she kept tightening her fingers. Why did Colin always treat her the same way? Why was she different from Alline? She not reconciled!

Tomorrow, after tomorrow, she would be Colin's fiancee, and he would only be farther and farther away from Alline.

They couldn't touch each other anymore. By that time, Alline and Colin would give up completely.

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