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   Chapter 165 It's Nicole Who Are Embarrassed. What Are You Afraid Of (Part One)

Fail To Fall Out Of Love By Li Qing Characters: 7150

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With his arms around Alline's waist, Hiram pulled her into his arms and said with his eyes closed, "If you keep moving, I'll have sex with you later. His voice was low and magnetic, with a bit of laziness and casualness when he just woke up.

Alline didn't dare to move, and then she curled up in his arms like a cat. She narrowed her eyes and said in a low voice, "Hiram, I can't fall asleep. Can you talk to me? "Her mind is in a mess now. Many things are blocked in her heart and she can't fall asleep, but she doesn't know how to tell him.

There was something that she could say, but there was something that she couldn't. Moreover, it was because of Colin, how could she say it? Moreover, she didn't dare to say anything about the attitude of Hiram towards Colin. It was not easy for her to get to this point with Hiram, and she didn't dare to destroy the unstable relationship between the two people. Therefore, she couldn't say anything, but she felt uncomfortable because everything was pressed together and she couldn't breathe.

"Honey, don't think too much. It's all over. It's not your fault. Hiram's voice is a little indifferent.

"But I feel bad. If it weren't for me, many things wouldn't have happened. In the final analysis, it was me who hurt my mother and brother. With her eyes closed, Alline couldn't help hugging Hiram again. She felt that this man always made her feel at ease.

"Silly girl, don't be silly again. It's not your fault. You don't know what will happen, and you don't have the ability to predict what will happen. I believe that Mommy and Sven won't blame you. Alline, don't push yourself too hard. The most important thing for us now is to find Sven as soon as possible, so that no one will use him to take advantage of us. Hiram coaxed in a soft voice. When he opened his eyes, he didn't know where to look. He just felt sorry for the woman in his arms.

"Hiram, fortunately, I have you by my side. After a long time, Alline said in a low voice.

"Silly girl, you are my wife. If I don't accompany you, who will accompany you? Don't think about it. Go to bed early. I have an important meet

the same place! Cathy said in a sweet voice. People in the team playing games with her were all in a cold sweat when they saw the man and the woman discussing the matter of cheating on each other openly.

These two didn't look like normal people! Unfortunately, before they could react, the two of them went offline at the same time.

Then, Alline's phone rang. Cathy, who was probably in Sexy Club, said in a lazy tone, "Honey, if your husband really can't satisfy you, I've just got a few excellent and handsome men. How about introducing them to you? "

"Do you want to charge for sleeping with me? Alline knew that Cathy was joking, so she asked.

"Aren't you very rich? Why do you ask me to pay for your prostitution? Let me tell you, Alline, don't pretend that you're poor in front of me. I don't believe you. Everyone knows that you've married the most powerful man in L city! Cathy might also in a bad mood. Judging from her domineering manner of killing people in the game today, Alline could tell that she was in a bad mood...

Alline made a gesture of fear, but her voice softened and said pitifully, "Cathy, I'm really poor. If you don't believe me, look, the devices all over my body are not as good as your bag. "

"Stop screaming. What's wrong? Cathy rolled her eyes at her and asked straightforwardly.

Alline sighed, "I had a showdown with Andrew today, and my husband was there at that time. "

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