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   Chapter 164 They Were Broken! (Part Two)

Fail To Fall Out Of Love By Li Qing Characters: 9015

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When Colin heard this, his face became even worse. Even his black eyes were stained with an incomprehensible pain. He shook his head bitterly and said, "Stop asking, Alline. I won't tell you. "

But in her opinion, Colin's evasive eyes and attitude would only make her more confused. Was he really forced? Thinking of this, she asked in a hurry, "Colin, is there really someone forcing you? "

However, Colin denied it. He shook his head and a painful look appeared in his beautiful eyes. "No, no one forced me. I am willing to marry her. If I didn't want to, even if Grandpa forced me, I wouldn't agree to the marriage. "

"But three years ago, I remember that your attitude towards her was not like this. "Alline didn't understand what he was thinking.

"As you know, it has been three years, and my attitude will change. Besides, if the person who will marry me is not you, then it doesn't matter who I marry. "It sounded a little sad.

Alline was stabbed, and she ached. She looked at Colin with apologies in her eyes. After all, it was because of her. If she didn't marry Hiram, if she had been waiting for Colin, and if she hadn't fallen in love with Hiram, she and Colin would be together now, and Colin wouldn't have felt so disappointed that he married Nicole. It was all her fault.

At the thought of this, Alline's eyes turned red in an instant, full of regret, guilt, and all kinds of apologies. The pain hovered in her heart, as if thousands of webs had strangled her, making her feel very uncomfortable every time she breathed, and making her feel painful. After a long time, she opened her mouth and said in a hoarse voice, "Colin, I'm truly sorry. It's all my fault. If it weren't for me, you wouldn't have such a decision. It's all my fault. Colin, please scold me! "

In this way, at least she could feel better. It was she who ruined Colin. It was her who said that she would wait for him for a lifetime, but she broke her promise.

She made a promise to another man, and she forgot that Colin was still waiting for her.

However, Colin shook his head. There seemed to be a little smile in his eyes, but it was desolate. "Alline, I won't do it. It's not your fault. Don't give yourself too much pressure. It's because I came back too late that you married someone else. If I came back a few months earlier, you wouldn't have to marry someone else. It's all my fault, Alline. I came back too late! "

Alline's heart ached. Although she tried not to think of Colin, it didn't mean that she really forgot him. These days, she had been trying to forget Colin. She admitted that she was moved by Hiram. With his meticulous care, it was difficult for her not to fall in l

weak face was revealed. It turned out that the makeup could really cover up her true emotions, so that she did not lose her manner today. She removed the makeup first, and then began to clean her face carefully with the facial cleanser. After she finished washing her face, she went to take a shower, and the hot water wet her body inch by inch. It was warm and she felt as if she had come back to life. At last, she went out of the bathroom when her whole body was warm.

After walking out of the bathroom, Hiram was still reading a book unhurriedly with a serious look on his face. He sometimes took a pen to mark something on it, and even gave a few comments. From beginning to end, he did not look up at her. Looking at his action, Alline felt her heart suddenly ached and felt sad, but she did not say anything. Generally speaking, when they were at home, they would find something to say from time to time. They had never been so quiet as today.

As if every word she said was superfluous, she took the hair dryer and blew her hair casually. When her hair was completely dried, she turned around and found that Hiram had already put away the books on the cabinet aside. He seemed to be asleep. After tidying up, she quietly crawled into bed beside him, and reached out to hold his waist.

Because of her movements, his body inexplicably tightened, and then relaxed as if nothing had happened. He didn't say anything, as if he had really fallen asleep.

Alline knew that he was not asleep, but she didn't call him. She just hugged him more tightly, buried her little face in his chest, and rubbed slightly. She felt his temperature, his breath, and the faint cold fragrance on his body, as if her heart had calmed down. She gently closed her eyes and muttered, "Hiram, are you asleep? "

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