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   Chapter 163 They Were Broken! (Part One)

Fail To Fall Out Of Love By Li Qing Characters: 6892

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Outside the window, the moonlight poured in from the huge French window, as if the ground was covered with a thin layer of mercury. In fact, at this time, Alline had felt much better, in front of Colin. She casually held the tea in her hand and seemed to smile. She looked down to hide the emotions in her eyes. "In fact, nothing. I have been used to it. "She said lightly, as if she didn't care, and there was no change on her face at all.

Colin didn't know why, but his heart suddenly twitched, and his clear eyes were filled with bitterness. "If I had known it would be like this, I wouldn't have left you alone here. "

"Colin, it's not your fault. It's my destiny. Since the day when Celine appeared, I should have known that my family would be broken up and destroyed because of her. I just didn't expect that the end would be so tragic. "Alline interrupted him. She knew what Colin was going to say, but it was too late now. She shouldn't have any fantasy about the relationship between Colin and her. They were broken. They had been separated three years ago, but she didn't accept it. She never thought that one day her life would be miserable and she couldn't accept it and even wanted to die at once when she thought of it. It had been so long, but she still felt unbearable pain. She pursed her lips and held the hot tea in her hand. She was blank. Then she smiled faintly, as if the pain in her eyes had been covered up quietly. She changed the topic and said lightly, "It has passed. It's meaningless to talk about this. Besides, you have seen it today. My mother had a car accident, and a mistress came into the house and drove me and my brother out of the Lou family. That's why my relationship with Nicole has always been tit for tat. "

She said lightly, but when Colin heard that, he was painful, and he seemed to feel the pain in the bottom of Alline's heart. Seeing her indifferent face, he said, "Alline, I'm sorry. "

"Why do you say that? Why do you feel sorry for me? Besides, why does this have something to do with you? Even if I to

ur biological father. I believe he won't do anything to your brother. When there is a chance, I will talk to him about it and ask him to let your brother go as soon as possible. "

At this time, Alline thought of a question that she had kept in her heart for the whole night. She couldn't ask it when they had dinner just now. After all, she couldn't ask such a question in front of so many people. Now there were only them in the living room, so she asked directly, "Colin, tell me, why did you marry Nicole? I remember you said before that you would never be with her even if you died. Then what happened now? Why did you marry her? "This question had troubled her for the whole night. She couldn't figure it out. After all, Colin's attitude towards Nicole was obvious back then.

Why did he suddenly decide to get engaged to her?

Hearing this, Colin was stunned. There was a flash of pain in his eyes. Soon, he held the tea as if nothing had happened, took a sip and said lightly, "Alline, can you stop asking? "When he said this, his voice changed.

His fair face looked even paler, and even the gloom in his eyes was hard to hide.

After a pause, Alline was a little surprised and dumb. She looked at him and said, "Colin, I'm just worried about you. You didn't like her at that time. Why did you suddenly want to marry her now? Did Uncle Vernon force you? "

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