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   Chapter 162 He Had To Marry Nicole (Part Three)

Fail To Fall Out Of Love By Li Qing Characters: 5495

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He didn't know what kind of life Alline had lived before until he had someone look into her information last time. But she never mentioned and never complained in front of him. She was so excited today, obviously she was stimulated.

Moreover, he didn't know if there was any reason of him. He clearly remembered that the moment he pushed the door open, the shock in Alline's eyes disappeared quickly, as if she didn't want to be embarrassed because of him.

He tried his best to pretend as if nothing had happened, but in fact, he had been nervous all the time. He knew that the relationship between Alline and Nicole was not good, and it could be said that they were incompatible as fire and water. In the past, he did hate Nicole. He did not like Nicole being arbitrary, autocratic, selfish, domineering, and she would never care about other people's thoughts. But now, he had to marry Nicole.

But he didn't know if Alline could understand him. In his heart, the only person he wanted to marry was Alline, only Alline.

Taking a cold glance at him, Hiram didn't say anything. Instead, Alline said, "Let's go inside first! In fact, she also had something to ask Colin. After all, his marriage with Nicole was too unexpected. She was very curious why Colin would marry Nicole.

She remembered that Colin didn't like Nicole. He even hated Nicole so much three years ago. Why did he suddenly have an impulse to marry her? Did he have other intentions?

Without saying anything, Hiram, who had been watching coldly, just quietly drove into the yard.

Only then did Alline notice the expression on Hiram's face, "Are you angry, Hiram? I

he would be the only one in Alline's life, so he couldn't be jealous or pick on her fault. Alline was already very unhappy. How could he make her unhappy?

He had promised Alline that he wouldn't go against Colin again, so he decided to give her some space. He thought that Alline's hands would be as cold as ice in winter, especially in the late night. Her feet were so cold in bed. Hiram turned on the computer and worked on the Internet for a long time. He even called a doctor in the middle of the night and consulted with him before finally choosing a suitable one and then paid the bill, and specially urged the customer service lady a few times before he went off the line with satisfaction.

Downstairs, in the living room, Alline was drinking tea and felt warm in her heart. Looking at Colin beside her, the two of them didn't say anything and didn't know how to break the calm and weird atmosphere. After a while, the corners of Colin's mouth twitched, showing a bitter smile. He sighed, "I'm sorry, Alline. I never know that your family is like this. You live such a hard life. "

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