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   Chapter 161 He Had To Marry Nicole (Part Two)

Fail To Fall Out Of Love By Li Qing Characters: 5406

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"Actually, I don't know why I feel so uncomfortable when I see Andrew. If it weren't for him, if he hadn't cheated on my mother and let Celine gave birth to William and Nicole, our family wouldn't have been separated. Said Alline in a low voice, lying on his chest.

"Alline, let bygones be bygones. Your father did something wrong, and he should bear the consequences. You are right to scold him today, but sometimes we have to be rational when dealing with things. Even if you don't like him, you can't make yourself sad because of him. Hiram patted on Alline's back and said patiently. After persuading her for a while, he felt that Alline was a little better and then said, "I know you are uncomfortable now. Let's get in the car first and I'll take you out for a walk. "

"Well, let's get in the car first. It was cold at night. The cold wind made people shiver. The two of them stood outside the gate of the hotel. They didn't look good. On their way back to the car, Alline and Hiram didn't say anything.

Knowing that Alline was not feeling well at the moment, Hiram did not force her to say anything. There were some things that she was willing to say, he was willing to listen to, and he did not force her to say. After all, it was her privacy, and it was an undisguised scar. Now that she said these personally, in order to hurt Celine, in fact, she was the one who was more seriously injured. This was called killing one thousand enemies and losing eight hundred of their own!

Five years ago, Alline was only fifteen years old. In one night, her family changed. The closest person to her disappeared a

sure spread in his eyes. He asked, "Why are you at the door of my house? "

"I'm waiting for Alline. It seemed that Colin has been waiting here for a long time. There were many cigarette butts scattered on the ground, and even there was a lot of smoke in the car. Since he came out of the Four Seasons Hotel, he has been driving around the city casually for half a day. He called Alline, but he couldn't get through her phone. In the end, Nicole kept calling him. He was impatient and directly turned off his phone. After thinking for a while, he finally drove the car to the Mo Residence. There was no car coming in, which meant that Alline hadn't come back yet. He knew that there would be nothing wrong with Alline with the presence of Hiram, but he still couldn't help worrying. He knew that Alline had a strong self-esteem. When she was with him in the past, she wouldn't tell him these things. No matter how hard she was, it was him who insisted. Even after the two had been together for so long, he did not know that Alline had a brother who was in a vegetative state.

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