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   Chapter 160 He Had To Marry Nicole (Part One)

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In a short time, he was the only one left in the huge box. The dishes on the table were still as beautiful as before and the style was the same. Unfortunately, the original temperature had already been lost, just like the flowers that had been frozen overnight outside the window. They had no taste, no temperature and people didn't have impulse to eat them again.

The cigarette in William's hand was casually ignited. The ashes scattered all over the ground. He slowly stood up and strolled to the window. He looked down at the scenery outside the window. The night outside the window was covered with a faint layer of mist by neon lights. It was thick and ambiguous, like a little star dust, blooming with many beautiful scenery. William slightly narrowed his eyes, and there was an unprecedented darkness in his beautiful eyes. 'Alline, I don't know why, the more stubborn you are and unwilling to show weakness, the more interested I am in you, my good sister!'

He didn't know if Alline could remember the first time he saw her, but he couldn't forget it all his life. At that time, Alline was only fifteen years old. A young girl slowly walked down the stairs, wearing a fiery red dress. Her eyebrows were delicate and beautiful. She was tall and her figure was slender. There was a careless disdain on her face, as if it was really embedded in her perfect little face, as if she was the only princess in the world, and the three of them were extremely humble mortals.

At that time, Alline was so beautiful that he couldn't take his eyes off her. He knew that she was her sister, a half sister. He wanted to show his kindness to her, but she pushed him away in disgust and said, "Don't touch me! "

The condescending disgust in her eyes made him unable to forget it all his life. Such a beautiful color seemed to be engraved in his heart.

Alline, he kept repeating the name in his mind for a long time before he pressed the cigarette on the window and walked away lazily. For some reason, every time he was scolded, despised or looked down on by Alline, he had a special feeling.

Nicole often said

this? But she didn't plan to stay at Lou family after Celine married her father.

However, being driven out and moving out alone were two different concepts. Although she was unwilling to stay in that house, Celine shouldn't have driven her out of her house with the help of Andrew.

That was her home, and she couldn't drive her out of here. That was why she was more resentful. She hated Celine more, and more resented that Andrew didn't care about the relationship between father and daughter. If he still had a little pity in his heart, he wouldn't treat her like this today.

"It's okay. It's good for you to vent your anger. Otherwise, you won't be happy even if you keep it in your heart. I'd rather let others unhappy than you! Hiram held her cold hand and warmed her up.

With red eyes, Alline threw herself into his arms and said, "Hiram, do you think I'm terrible? When she thought of what she looked like just now, she felt like she was not herself all of a sudden. All she could feel was overwhelming hatred.

"I don't think so. Honey, you're the most beautiful woman in my heart no matter what kind of person you're. Only when Hiram held her in his arms did he feel that he had lost her and found her again. When he chased after her just now, he was almost driven mad when he couldn't find her. This girl was stubborn. Fortunately, he caught up with her, and fortunately, he found her.

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