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   Chapter 159 Who Is His First Wife And The Mistress (Part Two)

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Alline had been watching this scene coldly all the time. What a deep love between husband and wife! For so many years, Andrew had been infatuated with this woman. He had even driven her out of Lou family and let her marry Hiram as a trade. If it weren't for all this, she wouldn't be like this now, and her brother wouldn't have been nowhere to be found. It was impossible that she didn't blame him. Alline shouted, "Celine, what you said today is right. It is you who hurt my mother, my brother and me. I won't forgive you for the rest of my life, and you! "

Then she stood up all of a sudden and walked out of the door. She couldn't eat this meal anyway. She had planned to negotiate with Andrew and see how he would let her brother go. But when she saw Celine, she couldn't bear it. The anger in her heart was burning like a volcano. She thought she could be rational, but she couldn't.

When Alline went out, Hiram stood up and looked at Andrew coldly, "I don't care your family affair, but now Alline is my wife. If someone dares to bully her and make her unhappy, it will be equivalent to disgracing me. As for the consequences, you can think about it yourself. Besides, I warn you, hand over Sven as soon as possible, or I won't just let it go! Then, after saying that, he stood up and chased after Alline without looking back.

The people in the room looked at each other and didn't understand what Hiram meant for a moment. Looking at Celine and their children, Andrew asked dully, "What's wrong with Sven? What happened? "

"No, nothing. How could something happen to Sven? He is still in the hospital. Celine quickly comforted him. Naturally, she prepared a set of words. After a while of persuasion, she dispelled Andrew's doubts. Andrew thought of what had just happened, but he didn't have the mood to eat. He thought that Alline and Hiram left and there was no need to stay here. He knew that Alline would not forgive him so easily, let alone let Lou family unite with Gu family. It was possible!

William had been drinking tea quietly, as if what had happened just now had nothing to do with him. Seeing that everyone had left, he also stood up casually and said to Colin, "Shall we go together? "

Nicole had already accompanied Celine. Although Celine was very angry today, she didn't lose her temper in public. She knew that she could only endure such kind of thing. Only Andrew felt that the more unreasonable Alline was, the more pitiful Celine was in his heart. She had planned for this for a long time, how could she lose everything in Lou family due to small mistakes. She wouldn't give up without getting what she deserved.

As for Alline, she was too young. She couldn't stand it. Especially when she was closer to Andrew in front of Alline, she would burst out completely and blurt out a series of words without thinking. Therefore, this round seemed to damage her reputation, but in fact, she won. As long as it didn't take lon

ng cold, she always hurt herself before hurting others.

'What a silly girl!' Why didn't he take Alline with him when he left? If he had taken her with him, they wouldn't have ended up like this, and there wouldn't have been one more person named Hiram between them. Thinking of Hiram, a touch of coldness and hatred flashed through his eyes, which were as fast as lightning breaking the sky.

"I thought you would say something for auntie Celine. Colin said casually.

"You didn't say anything either, did you? William smiled gently, with a touch of feminine in his eyes.

"After all, you are her son, and I'm just a son-in-law who hasn't been officially confirmed. Colin said.

William glanced at him and said, "As the saying goes, a son-in-law is equal to half a son, and your marriage with Nicole is known to all in HC City. It's excusable for you to say a few words today. What's more, you didn't mean to speak for my mother today, did you! You really care about someone else, right? My brother-in-law to be. He lowered his voice deliberately.

Colin twitched his mouth, raised his hand and flicked his sleeve, "William, you are really smart. He seemed to nod approvingly and stood up at the same time. He was as long as jade, clean and handsome, and as cold as an ordinary person. He took the coat beside unhurriedly. When he thought of the time when Nicole helped him hang his clothes just now, there was a slight imperceptible disgust between his eyebrows, but he finally suppressed the mood of the duster. After taking a few steps, he suddenly turned around unhurriedly, with a faint smile on his face. He said to William, who was playing with the lighter, "But it seems that I have no reason to help Alline now. "

After saying that, he left, leaving William alone with a playful smile. Then he casually took out a cigarette and lit it. As the cigarette floated in the air, he smiled and asked himself, "Really? "

Unfortunately, no one answered him.

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