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   Chapter 158 Who Is His First Wife And The Mistress (Part One)

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Hearing that, Nicole was speechless. She was not very clear about what had happened in the past. Her mother had always told her the same thing, and the truth was also the same. Since the first time that Alline met her five years ago, she had been tit for tat with her. She had cursed her mother was a mistress, she was an illegitimate daughter, and said that they had destroyed her family. She would hate them all her life and torture them all her life. Both of them couldn't live a peaceful life, so the relationship between the two of them hadn't been eased from the beginning.

Nicole didn't like Alline at the first sight, and Alline didn't like her much either. As time went by, the conflict between the two people was formed. Not only because of her mother, but also because of the child's mentality of comparing with each other since childhood. When Nicole was in her teens, she rarely saw Andrew. Even if Andrew occasionally went to see them, he was sneaky. Therefore, many people said that she didn't have a father, and Celine raised her two children and lived a hard life. When Nicole first saw Alline, she thought Alline was an arrogant princess. She had an impulse to look down upon her and her brother. Her eyes were full of disdain and disdain, so how could she be close to Alline.

So the two of them gradually got used to this way of meeting each other. If they didn't quarrel, they would feel sorry for the script carefully arranged by God. But there was one thing she knew, no matter how much her parents loved each other, the person her father married before was always Sandra, not Celine. Just because of this, people with a discerning eye could know at a glance who was the original wife and who was the mistress.

For a moment, Nicole's eyes turned red and he couldn't say anything to refute, "Shut up! If you talk nonsense again, I'll tear your mouth apart! She was so angry that she just scolded like a wild girl regardless of her image and etiquette.

With a scornful sneer, Alline said, "Well, Miss Nicole, do you have nothing to say? You are still afraid to admit what I said. In fact, everyone knows that there is nothing that you d

apologize to anyone in my life, but I won't apologize to her. A woman who stole my father and ruined my life has no right to hear my apology. Don't dream! Alline sneered at her rudely, especially when she saw Celine's pitiful little face, she felt sick.

How could there be such a pretentious woman in the world? Perhaps it was because she had been around Andrew for so many years, making him softhearted to her over and over again. If it weren't for her, how could it be that Hiram and her fall from a hillside? If it weren't for her, how could her brother be missing now? If it weren't for her, how could her happy family be broken. If it weren't for her, too many things wouldn't have happened, so it was impossible for her not to hate Celine.

"Alline! Look at yourself! You are not well-educated! Hearing this, Andrew couldn't sit still anymore. He looked at Alline with hatred and anger. But Celine, who was aggrieved next to him, suddenly said, "Andrew, it's okay. Alline's right. I shouldn't have agreed to marry you. It's all my fault. I hurt my best friend and Alline. "

Hearing what Celine said, his heart softened a little. He thought, looking at Celine's attitude for so many years, and seeing that Alline was stubborn and did something wrong, he naturally cared more about Celine, and his apology to Alline was naturally less. He looked at Celine, patted on her hands, indicating that he would make a decision with her.

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