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   Chapter 157 A Family Feast (Part Two)

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"Mrs. Celine, I'm not a member of the Lou family now. You have forced me to marry into the Mo family. In the future, Hiram will take care of my meal. Moreover, I will be uneasy after spending your money. "Said Alline with a faint smile, holding the teacup indifferently.

It was awkward in an instant. All the members of the Lou family looked bad, especially Nicole. She glanced at Alline coldly and said, "Alline, don't go too far! "

"Shut up! "Celine shouted at her. Nicole was dumbfounded. Her mother had always been nice to her and pitied her at home. Her mother had never said anything harsh to her. But today, her mother scolded her for the sake of Alline. She was furious!

She blinked her eyes and said unwillingly, "Mom, how can you scold me for this woman? "

"Shut up, Nicole! Do you hear me? "Celine was really angry. Nicole had to consider the occasion when she got angry. Didn't she know about the situation? Both Andrew and Hiram were sitting here.

Reluctantly, Nicole shut her mouth, glared at Alline and played with her phone with her head down.

With a gentle and approachable smile on her face, Celine eased and activated the room by a few words. As for William, he was also good at mediation, and he understood the meaning of the meal. He said to Hiram, who had been silent all the time, "Hiram, you've just come to the HC City. You may not know the characteristics of it. What Mom ordered today are all Alline's favorite food. When you go back to the HC City, since we are relatives by marriage, we can take care of each other, right? "

Then he pretended to look at Alline casually and indifferently for a moment. He looked carelessly, but there was an unprecedented admiration in his eyes. He just got a good news from the Sexy Club not long ago. He wanted to know what would happen if his sister knew this news.

Of course, what he was more looking forward to was the reaction of Hiram. He squinted his eyes, which were a little cold. Unlike Alline's, his eyes were phoenix eyes, but they were slender. When he smiled, he gave off a feminine feeling.

However, Hiram was chatting indifferently with William. Hiram's eyes were as gentle as before, but the coldness in them had never disappeared.

When the dishes were about to be served, the door of the box was pushed away again. The person who came in was tall and handsome, clean and beautiful, with the warm windbreaker, which melted the coldness around him. But he paused when he saw Alline. He received a call from Nicole today, saying that it was a family dinner. Why was Alline here? And Hiram?

When Nicole saw Colin, she stood up complacently, took off his coat and hung it up. Then she held his hand and walked towards the table. Although Colin didn't refuse or agree, his

esponsibility even if something happens." He had long disliked the attitude of the Lou family and had been dissatisfied with them for a long time. But he couldn't vent his anger for her because of his identity, but if she really wanted to vent it, he would never stop her.

Alline pinched his hands and looked at Celine with a cold smile, "So, Mrs. Celine, please don't do these hypocritical things in front of me. I feel sick and impatient. Besides, how can you act so peacefully? At that time, you took away my father and killed my mother regardless of your years of friendship with my mother. You ruined my family. Do you really think that you treat me well from your heart now? Or do you think everyone is blind? "

Her words were both sarcastic and hurtful, which made Celine embarrassed. All the actions that were meant to please her were defined as deliberate flattery. However, Andrew's eyes narrowed imperceptibly. "How did you talk to Aunt like this, Alline? "

"That's right. Don't go too far! It's your honor that my mother is willing to treat you well. Do you need to make fun of her like this? Or didn't your mother tell you that my mother and father were engaged first? "As soon as Nicole saw her mother's tearful eyes, she immediately stood out to speak for her mother.

Even if Celine scolded her, it was for her good. She was angry for a moment, but it didn't mean that Alline could curse her mother at will.

"Well..." Hearing that, Alline smiled coldly, and her beautiful eyes seemed to be filled with a faint sense of killing. Her eyes passed by Nicole casually and she said word by word, "Miss Nicole, please don't talk nonsense before you figure out the truth. Ask your good mother, what happened at that time. Is she a mistress? Did she steal my mother's husband? Ask her carefully and see if I say anything wrong. "

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