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   Chapter 156 A Family Feast (Part One)

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Soon, she changed her clothes and put on a light make-up in front of the mirror. She didn't put on a make-up when she went out, and she learned it from Cathy. Cathy said that this unique make-up was the first mask for the women like them, which could cover their real emotions and themselves perfectly.

Cathy often said that if you didn't want others to see through you, the first tool you could use was your makeup, the second was your expressions, the third was your actions, and the last was your mentality. You had to put something in a certain place into your heart, so that people couldn't see your real self, even yourself. As long as you deceived yourself, it was easy to deceive others.

So for so many years, only in private, Alline knew what kind of person Cathy was.

In the Sexy Club, no one knew what kind of woman Cathy was. She was a little creepy, neat freak, super fond of beauty, and a little lazy. When she went out, she was a temptress, who fascinated everyone very much. At home, taking off her disguise, she was just a little woman who had grown up but had a very small heart. She liked to play, liked to make trouble, and liked to act like a spoiled child, but when she was furious, she looked horrible and could scold you from beginning to end without repeating any words. Thinking of Cathy, Alline smiled with satisfaction.

She casually threw the lipstick back to the makeup box. She looked up at herself in the mirror. The makeup was perfect and neat. Then she stood up with satisfaction and walked downstairs unhurriedly in slippers. It was time to pick up her husband.

She drove to the Mo group and called Hiram. He said that he would get off soon. When he arrived at the parking lot, he soon saw the car driven by Alline. It was a white RV, not very eye-catching, but at least very imposing, and a little amazing. Alline was leaning against the car, who was more amazing.

In fact, Alline didn't like makeup. When she first married into the Mo family, she used to do makeup every day, but as time went by, she didn't wear makeup anymore, which made him unable to see the amazing beauty of her makeup. To be honest, he liked her makeup. She was not only amazin


Biting his lips lightly, Hiram didn't say anything more and just drank the tea indifferently.

All the people of the Lou family took their seats one by one. After a few words of reconciliation by Celine, the atmosphere finally eased a little. Moreover, William was also a good person in adjusting the atmosphere, so the atmosphere eased a lot for a while. With a calm expression on Celine's face, she smiled softly. She said to Alline, who had never spoken since she came in, "Alline, you haven't been home for a long time. I don't remember what you like to eat, so I just ordered a few dishes. If you don't like them, let's add more later! "

"Don't worry. I have not been picky about food for so many years. I can eat anything. Besides, the Four Seasons Hotel is the best hotel in the HC City, and the cooks are all first-rate. Of course I won't be picky. Thank you, Mrs. Celine. "Sitting next to Hiram, although Alline was a little happy about what he said just now, she didn't show it on her face.

When Andrew heard this, his face turned pale again. Wasn't she mocking him for kicking her out of the Lou family? How dare she say that? If it weren't for her, how could something happen to Sandra and Sven? She was the only one who was fine. It was her fault. He frowned and was about to speak, but Celine patted his hand, indicating him to calm down, and said, "If you like it, you can come over at any time. Just charge the bill on the Lou family. "

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