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   Chapter 155 It Was Self-evident What The Rings Were Used For. (Part Two)

Fail To Fall Out Of Love By Li Qing Characters: 9538

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But the person he loved was Emma. Back then Emma had been dead. Why was she still alive now? Why did he fall in love with someone else? In fact, Vivian was about the same as Emma and grew up together with Hiram. Why could he like Emma but not her? Why couldn't she compare with Emma, and why couldn't she compare with Alline?

As a matter of fact, the Jing family was close to the Mo family. And actually, Emma and Hiram were cousins. But since he could choose Emma, why couldn't he see Vivian herself being secretly in love with him? Why were they treated differently? Vivian was not willing to be the cousin of Hiram, and she thought that it would be the best if they didn't have such a relationship.

Although Gloria didn't fully understand what Vivian meant, she nodded. There was a flash of sadness in her beautiful eyes. "Forget it. Let's go home! "Her tone was indifferent, as if the crying girl was not herself.

What could she say? It was impossible that she knew nothing. She grew up in this family and knew more than others. If her brother didn't exchange the inheritance for her mother's safety, how could Myron let it go?

She understood everything, but she couldn't figure out how much hatred Myron had for her mother, causing that he wanted her to die. She lost her mother when she was a little girl. It was her grandfather who brought her up. Her brother was young at that time, and he was very busy. Her father was so busy that he flew in the air all day long. But no matter how hard she cried, her grandfather didn't tell her why her mother disappeared. And she kept asking but her grandpa was angry. As time went by, she didn't dare to ask. She always thought that her mother was dead. But now she was still alive.

That feeling was very strange and uncomfortable. She didn't know how to describe it. Maybe there was surprise, but more was confusions and questions. Gloria didn't know what her mother had done wrong resulting that she would be locked up in the Forbidden Garden for ten years, and Myron would force her to die.

On that day, when Uncle Ryan left with her mother, she peeped at them from a distance. Her memory of her childhood was very vague, but she remembered that her mother had a beautiful long hair. She liked to play with her mother's hair when she was a child. But that day, from a distance, she saw that the person in Uncle Ryan's arms had withered and dead hair. She wanted to rush over to call her mother, but she didn't dare to. She was afraid that her mother was no longer the one she was familiar with. She ran away crying. For the first time in her life, she was full of resentment towards her grandfather.

However, in the Mo family, it was not her turn to speak. She went to beg her grandfather, father, and even brother, but no one told her what was going on. She was depressed day by day, as if

cry or to laugh. She was always speechless because of Hiram.

She wondered if she had gone too far to make him feel this way.

"Besides, he wants to pay the bill. Why should I stop him? He has owed me a lot. What's wrong with inviting me to a meal! "After thinking for a while, Alline couldn't help but add. Everything in the Lou family was arranged by Celine and his children. Now he invited her to dinner, she could decide whether to accept or not. But this time, she had to go.

After chatting with her for a while, Hiram found that there was nothing wrong with her mood, so he hurriedly hung up the phone. Since he had rested for a long time, now he had a lot of things to deal with. If it weren't for the urgent call from Andrew, he really didn't want to call her.

After hanging up the phone, Alline went upstairs, took a shower, and dressed herself up. She remembered that Hiram was wearing a light blue windbreaker today, and she had changed the same color, which made them feel like a couple. Anyway, if she saw Colin, she would congratulate him. And it would be great if he didn't appear. Sometimes she had to let the Lou family know that she was still living a good life without them. She didn't die five years ago, and she would live a better life five years later.

As for her brother, she would find him one day, and they would reunite. But she didn't understand why Andrew didn't care about her brother five years ago, but now after she married to the Mo family, he took her brother away with great effort. Was he going to threaten her with her brother and do harm to the Mo family? But how could it be possible? She felt ridiculous for her idea.

But she had no money or power. What did Andrew want from her? Thinking of this, Alline couldn't help frowning. She always felt that Andrew had another motive, but she didn't figure it out for the time being.

Then, what was it?

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