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   Chapter 99 Stop It, Hiram (Part One)

Fail To Fall Out Of Love By Li Qing Characters: 7331

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When Alline looked into his eyes, she found that his eyes were dark and bottomless, but the coldness in them was rolling up again and again, almost freezing her into ice. She suddenly had an illusion, as if this was the choice that Hiram asked her to choose, he or Colin, but Alline could not care so much. Colin was still in the water, and Hiram was still aggressive here!

She frowned and stared at him, "Hiram, let's stop it. I saved him, and then we can leave, okay? "

However, Hiram didn't want to let go of her hand. He still held it stubbornly and didn't move. He knew that she was discussing with him, but he didn't want things to go against his will and develop in another way. Just now, when Alline appeared, he knew that Colin was scheming against him and provoking his relationship with Alline. How could he tolerate his wife to break them up with such a way. So he said in a grateful tone, "Leave it alone, Alline. Leave with me now. Someone will save him soon. The water is not deep. He will be fine! "

Now that Hiram had said that, he thought that Alline would go with him. Look at his humble attitude, what else could she not be satisfied with? Did she have to save him in person to show her great sentiment?

Or to show the deep love between the two? How could he make her wish come true?

"Hiram, you pushed him down. Shouldn't I help you save him? Or do you think it will make a scene and make everyone unhappy? Alline didn't understand why he behaved like this. Colin was pushed by him. What's wrong with his wife to deal with the aftermath for him? Did it have to be said that he was arrogant, domineering and irritable?

Why didn't he think that she did this for his good? Did he want someone to report that the young master of the Mo family and Mr. Colin had a quarrel early tomorrow morning? The two of them were fighting in a private restaurant, and the young master of the Mo family pushed Colin into the lake.

By that time, the stock price of Mo family would definitely fluctuate, and Mu family would definitely not let it go!

However, Hiram didn't intend to answer Alline at all. He held her hand more tightly, but he felt that she was so far away fro


"Although we two are a couple, we are like strangers. Alline, do you really want to choose him? Hiram felt that saying this was not only an explanation to himself, but also a reminder to himself that what on earth he is in the heart of Alline? Was there any trace of him in her heart?

After saying that, he let go of Alline and went straight outside. His back was full of determination!

Watching the figure fading away in a daze, Alline was about to catch up with him, but she suddenly heard a cry of Emma, "Ah, Mr. Colin, what's wrong with you? Are you all right? "

Perhaps it was because Colin had soaked in the water for too long that he almost fell into the water. His body shook violently. Fortunately, he held the edge of the lake to stabilize his body. When Alline turned around, she saw that Colin's face, which was as transparent as blood loss, was almost transparent in the sun, like the pure white lotus. The color of his face disappeared. Alline came to her senses, rushed over and shouted anxiously, "Colin, give me your hand. Hurry up. I'll pull you up! "

Not far away, Hiram stopped and his lips curved into endless bitterness. 'Alline, in your heart, he is always the most important person. I don't beg you to forget him, and never beg again, because that will make me feel ridiculous.' It turned out that the first love was really unforgettable. No matter how good he was, she would never have his place in her heart, never!

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