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   Chapter 98 Will You Stay Or Go With Me (Part Two)

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It seemed that Hiram breathed a sigh of relief and moved two steps towards Colin. Colin didn't know what he wanted to do, but he saw his eyes darken and he sighed heavily. "Good. Everything will work, but Colin -"

All of a sudden, he smiled. Then he went further and said in an aggressive tone, "Do you think you can get her after I divorce her? He said seriously, with coldness in his eyes.

It seemed that the gentle noble man just now was not him. In the blink of an eye, his temperament was obvious.

"What... What do you mean? Colin couldn't help but take a step back, but he forgot that behind him was the artificial lake of the private restaurant. With a plop, Colin fell into the lake.

Hiram looked down at him, "Do you know how I usually treat a person who dares to steal my wife? "

Colin flopped in the lake, and his clothes were all wet. He had never thought what Hiram had said just now to make him relax his vigilance, but he retreated to the artificial lake as he walked. Thinking of this, his face became more and more gloomy. He breathed out and stared coldly at Hiram, but he did not intend to go ashore. He just stood there, with a chill all over his body, "Hiram, as I said, sooner or later, Alline will leave you. "

"I'm looking forward to that day. But Mr. Colin, sometimes I don't know how to deal with things properly. If I know you dare to covet my wife again, do you believe that I can kill you without being noticed? Speaking of this, Hiram's eyes were cold, completely ignoring the embarrassed look of Colin. Only then did Colin realize that he was fooled. The reason why Hiram said those words was to make him relax his vigilance. Otherwise, how could he fall into the lake and cause a joke? In an instant, his chest was burning.

Noticing Colin's pale face, Hiram squatted down with his trousers in his hands and said gracefully, "Although the lake is not big, it should be enough for you to be sober. Mr. Colin, on the one hand, you are preparing the engagement ceremony with Miss Nicole, and on the other hand, you are seducing my wife. Are you fucking insane? I have told you many times to stay away from my wife! "

"You son of a bitch, Hiram! Colin was exasperated. Although the lake was not deep, it was enough for him to be embarrassed. He was still wearing suit and suit pants. Now he was wet, he looked so embarrassed. He never thought that Hiram dared to play tricks on him in public. It seemed that he had underestimated him.

Hiram was still laughing, which seemed a little ruthless, "I'm despicable. Aren't you despicable? Colin, don't think that I don't know why you insist on letting Alline come back to you. Let me tell you, you can't get what you want, and you can't want her either! "

Colin shrugged his shoulders indifferently and

He couldn't even calm down to face Alline. Every time there was something wrong with Colin, she was more distressed than anyone else, and she was sadder than anyone else. But he was her husband. What position did she put him in? Once or two times. Even if Colin deceived her, she didn't want to hate him, and she was even willing to meet him. Who on earth was Hiram in her heart? What the hell was he?

He felt sorry for himself, but he couldn't let Alline save Colin. He didn't want her to give up on him again and again because of this man. He took a deep breath, exhaled, and looked at her coldly, "Alline, leave with me now. Forget what happened today, but if you go to save Colin, I won't let him go so easily! "

Alline took a deep breath. There was determination and murderous look in Hiram's cold eyes. She didn't doubt his thoughts, but what would he think if Colin was here?

Just because she had a meal with him, Hiram kicked him into the water. Was there such a domineering and stubborn person? Although Alline couldn't figure it out, it was just that kind of person that Hiram was. She gave him a fierce look and said, "Hiram, you are obviously making trouble out of nothing. Why do you do this to Colin, you're humiliating him. He did nothing wrong. Why do you treat him like this? "

"What? Do you feel sorry for him? Or do you want to go into the lake to accompany him? Hiram said coldly, with his charming eyes twinkling.

"What are you doing, Hiram? Let go of me and bring Colin up! Alline was so angry. Hiram was so annoying. He was so willful. No one could disobey him.

No matter what, the one she chose was always Colin. At that moment, it seemed that there was something breaking his heart into two. Hiram tried hard to calm himself down and heard himself asking calmly, "Alline, I'll ask you again. Will you stay or go with me? "

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