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   Chapter 97 Will You Stay Or Go With Me (Part One)

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Looking at the restrained and depressed expression on Colin's face, Hiram more or less guessed what he was thinking. He seemed to see the schadenfreude and disdain in Colin's eyes. He seemed to be a victor, showing his victory fruit to his opponent. But how could everything be decided before the last moment? After all, Colin was too young.

Although he was cruel and scheming, he was a few years younger than Hiram. Although Hiram was indifferent to the world affairs in the past few years, he had been in charge of Gu group for a few years and learned more scheming than ordinary people. Moreover, he had been sitting in a wheelchair for five years because of his disabled legs. He thought much more than others. How could he not understand Colin's thoughts?

Thinking of this, he suddenly smiled. To be honest, when Alline saw the smile of Hiram, she felt that a man's smile could also be full of charm and infinite glory. His smile was so beautiful, dazzling and star like, attracting everyone's attention. Hiram didn't like to smile. When he smiled, he slightly curled his lips, or his eyes were full of mockery, or coldness. He had never laughed so presumptuously. He was so enchanting and stunning that she really wanted to whistle. Damn it, he was so handsome!

But he was just too abnormal. If only he wasn't so abnormal. It seemed that the God had always created people with gains and losses!

Before Alline could finish her sigh, Hiram suddenly reached out and pushed her in front of Emma. He said in a casual and difficult voice, "Emma, take your sister-in-law to the car first. I have something to talk to Mr. Colin alone! "

Alline was shocked. What did this man want to do? Fighting? But could he beat Colin?

"Hiram, what can't you say in front of us? Being dragged forward by Emma, Alline couldn't help turning around and roaring. Hiram gazed at her without looking, just waving his hand and said indifferently, "It's too tiring to talk to you. Get out of here! "

Alline was annoyed. Hiram had gone too far. He didn't feel happy if he didn't hurt her for a day he, did he? Alline was so angry that she almost jumped to her feet. "Hiram, you are such a petty man. You have no m

he was mean. When she spoke as if she was a machine gun, and you would felt that she wanted to fight with you to death. What's so good about such a woman? Rubbing his chin, Hiram looked serious and full of disgust with Alline.

Colin didn't know what Hiram was going to say, so he stared at him cautiously and said, "Since you don't like her, why do you have to tie her to your side? Isn't it a torture for two people who don't love each other? "

Hiram couldn't help but sigh, "You are right. When I first married her, I wanted to divorce her as soon as possible. This woman is so arrogant. Don't you know that she drugged me and took my nude photos? When he said this, he looked as if the past could not be recalled, "What's the use of staying such a bold woman staying with me? At that time, I dreamed of divorcing her, but - " He sighed and said hesitantly, "But grandpa didn't agree to let me divorce with Alline. He said that Alline had a key with her and unless I got the key, I couldn't divorce her. "

What he said was not only a test, but also a fact. It was hard to tell whether it was true or not.

A cold light flashed in Colin's eyes when he heard this, but soon it was replaced by a gentle smile. He looked sympathetically at him and patted him on the shoulder. "I know that there are many rules in Mo family, but you are the eldest grandson of your family. Can't you do anything you want? There was a hint of provocation of his words in the end.

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