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   Chapter 94 Have A Break-Up Dinner (Part Two)

Fail To Fall Out Of Love By Li Qing Characters: 9997

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Was this Mr. Hiram going to invite her to dinner or to have a date with her? It was rare. They had been married for such a long time, but he didn't pay much attention to please her. Alline snorted impatiently, "Why should I eat with you? "

"You are my wife. If you don't have dinner with me, do you have a date? The good mood of Hiram disappeared all of a sudden. Alline was always able to easily provoke his anger.

"Mr. Hiram, I'm your wife. But I'm also so charming and popular in Sexy Club. What's wrong with someone inviting me to dinner? Said Alline coldly.

Hearing that, Hiram squinted his charming eyes, which became cold again. He stared at her without blinking and asked, "What did you say? "

Alline almost forgot his evil nature, she chuckled, "It's business, not personal. Mr. Hiram, can we have dinner another day? In fact, there was no need for her to come to the company now. The work had already been handed over.

The reason why she came with him today was that she was caught by Hiram to the company. Although she had no choice, she still followed him. After all, she was not a match for him in terms of strength, so she followed him.

Glancing at her, Hiram also got out of the car. He flicked his sleeves and made a step back. "Then let's have lunch together today! Then he strode towards the elevator.

At first, Alline remembered that Hiram had said that he would have lunch at noon with her, but he went out at about eleven o'clock and everyone had gone to have lunch. He hadn't come back yet. She had a glass of milk for breakfast and was very hungry now. She called him, but his phone line was always busy all the time. With a sigh, Alline went downstairs to eat something casually.

However, as soon as she walked out of the company gate, she saw a handsome figure. Colin was holding a bunch of purple hyacinth in his arms. Alline was stunned and wondered why he was here? A bitter pain surged in her heart. Before she could react, Colin had strode towards her. She wanted to run subconsciously, but there were many people at the entrance of the company. If she ran away, according to Colin's character, she would definitely chase after him. So she didn't want to cause a sensation, so she could only quietly leave.

Without thinking too much, Colin had come to her side. He looked at her clear eyes full of dull pain. "Alline, I'm sorry! "

"Sorry for what? You're sorry because you lied to me on purpose, which almost made me go to jail? Alline still remembered what happened that day. She thought she had forgotten it, but as soon as he appeared, all the memories of that day had gone back. She humbly begged him to tell her the truth to prove her innocence on that day, but he deceived her with lies.

After all, she was narrow-minded and haggard over every ounce, or she wouldn't be so sad. If Colin had told the truth, many things might not have happened, and she wouldn't have been accused of murder, and she wouldn't have been forced by Emm

o anything she didn't do. Why did she get involved in it? She was really not reconciled. But what could she do, a woman without power and influence?

"Colin, stop it. That's it. Said Susan in a low voice, which was so heavy that she could hardly breathe.

However, Colin shook his head with a bitter smile. He couldn't help sighing and said in a sad tone, "Alline, in fact, everyone knows that it was not you who did it, but you don't have evidence to prove your innocence. Even if I'm willing to be your witness, you can't prove yourself. It's because it's a trap set by Hiram from the beginning to the end. In order to make things smooth for Emma to come back to Mo mansion, he comforted you by the way, so he didn't want to go on investigating. Think about it. Which man didn't want to live under the same roof with the woman he loved, while you -- " Colin took a meaningful look at Alline and said slowly, "You probably don't know how charming you are. Hiram will have a crush on you when he sees you. He wants to embrace both you and Emma, he just wants to take two boats and enjoy the same life blessing. "

Alline's face suddenly turned pale, and her fingers were trembling imperceptibly. She shouldn't have believed what Colin said, but her words were clearly heard in her ears and fell into the bottom of her heart, which made her feel pain.

Bystanders could see things clearly. Colin could see this. How could others be stupid? Moreover, she had always been suspicious, hadn't she? But she didn't want to admit it, hoping for a little hope.

Colin was satisfied to see that Alline's face turned paler and paler. He felt a pain in his heart, but he comforted himself that only if Alline really gave up, she could leave Hiram. And he would definitely make it up to her in the future. 'Alline, I would make it up to you in the future.' 'I have to say something today. I have to let you know something and wake you up. I have to let you know what is your role in Hiram's heart.'

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