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   Chapter 93 Have A Break-Up Dinner (Part One)

Fail To Fall Out Of Love By Li Qing Characters: 7169

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Looking at the white and black divorce agreement, which was clearly written, Hiram suddenly tore it in half. Not to mention that, he tore it several times, almost to pieces. Then he sprinkled it casually, and the white paper all over the sky was like a white butterfly, falling to the ground.

Looking at this scene expressionlessly, Alline felt a pang in her heart, but she said stubbornly, "Hiram, if you tear one today, I can give you another tomorrow. The divorce agreement can't be torn apart! "

Hiram flicked his sleeve casually, as if something had clinged to it. When he looked at Alline, his eyes were as cold as a knife, which stabbed her. Suddenly, Alline smiled coldly and said in a light tone, "Hiram, you'd better sign it. You have to sign it sooner or later. It's just a waste of time between the two of us! "

"Alline, you're dreaming. I won't divorce you! Hiram was so angry that his breath became unstable. Alline's tone was soft with mockery, as if divorce was nothing to her. As if she could divorce as long as she said it.

But Hiram was angry. Was this woman happy to divorce him? Did he bully her and didn't give her enough material demands? How could she want a divorce? She was dreaming! He would never divorce her even if he died. How could his woman divorce him!

Mr. Hiram was too proud and unhappy. He really wanted to beat up Alline, but he also knew that this woman was tough. If he beat her, she dared to go against him. It was meaningless for the two to fight to death. But he didn't want to stay here and be angry with her. He had no choice. Mr. Hiram had lived for so many years, but he was not good at quarreling with others, not as eloquent as Alline. However, a couple quarreled with each other but he was a loser on quarreling. What should he do? How about he beat up her? But he couldn't hit his wife unless he was out of his mind.

At this moment, he really couldn't do it if he was serious?

Alline was still stirring up the flames, and her voice was full of casual ridicule, "Mr. Hiram, in fact, it's a good deal for you to divorce me. Think it over carefully. Didn't you hate me so much befor

n took another step back, almost falling down to the bed. Fortunately, Hiram's hand in front of her quickly grabbed her, and then she turned around. She fell into his arms steadily. Alline was very embarrassed.

It was so embarrassing! She felt a little embarrassed and wanted to struggle, but she didn't dare to move, "Hiram, I won't divorce you. Can you let go of me first? "

"What if you dare to mention divorce again? Hiram asked coldly.

With her neck contracted, Alline looked at him uneasily. The two of them were very close to each other. Their breathing was rapid and their skin was close to each other. For a moment, there was an ambiguous atmosphere in the air. With flames in his eyes, Hiram muttered, "Alline, why don't I have enough of you? "

"Hiram, don't want to do that in the morning! What a rascal you are! Alline was so anxious that she wanted to escape, but she couldn't. She was so depressed.

"Alline, you are my wife. It's natural for me to do such a thing with you. Hiram mumbled.

The passion between the two was on the verge of breaking out, and the war of love was burning in an instant. Of course, the result was that the two of them were late for work at the same time.

However, Hiram still looked satisfied. When the car stopped, he suddenly held Alline in his arms and kissed her on the lips. Then he released her and said casually, "After work, let's have dinner together, okay? "

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