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   Chapter 92 Divorce Agreement On The Table (Part Two)

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Squinting at the computer screen and typing the last word into the computer, Alline breathed a sigh of relief. In the past few days, she had been quietly transferring her work. Although Hiram would know it sooner or later, she didn't care anymore. She couldn't continue to stay in Mo group, and she couldn't continue to stay by his side. She raised her hand and rubbed her forehead to restrain her tiredness. Recently, she had stayed up late and suffered a lot She had to find some time to have a good rest after going back and forth to HC City. She couldn't sleep well in L city. She had been married here for several months, but she still couldn't get used to it. Maybe it was not because of her hometown!

Suddenly, the phone rang again. She picked up the phone and heard the voice of Hiram, "Book a private room of LJ Restaurant for me at six o'clock in the evening for two people! Then he drew back the wire.

Hearing that, Alline was stunned. Was Hiram going to ask someone out for dinner? But she didn't have the chance to ask. After she booked a private room, she couldn't gather her thoughts together. She stared at the computer screen in silence.

When she got off work, a person suddenly came to her office. It was Emma, who lived in Mo family. She didn't seem to work in Guan group now and spent every day to please Denise. Why did she suddenly come here today? She just came in and smiled faintly at Alline. Alline nodded and said nothing. In the company, no one knew that she was the eldest Mrs. Alline of Mo family. It seemed that Emma didn't intend to pick her identity, she didn't need to explain anything. At this time, the door of the director's office opened and Hiram walked out slowly. When he saw Emma, he frowned and said, "Didn't I tell you to wait downstairs? "

"I happen to have nothing to do, so I come up to have a look. Besides, I haven't had dinner with you for a long time. I'm looking forward to it! Said Emma in a gentle voice. Then she stretched out her hand and held Hiram's arm. Seeing that Alline was lowering her head, Hiram could not help but let her hold his arm. Then the two of them walked out side by side.

After the two left, several people in the office began to whisper, saying that Mr. Hiram had a girlfriend. Without saying a word, Alline quietly packed her things. He not only had a girlfriend, but also a wife?

If she spoke out the news, would everyone be shocked and their jaws drop? A mocking smile appeared at the corners of Alline's mouth. At this moment, her mobile phone suddenly rang. She was stunned. Looking at the caller ID, she answered it, "Hello, Chester. "

Chester's voice was as gentle as his character. He had saved her in HC City once, and Alline was grateful to him all the time. "I want to invite you to dinner tonight. If Hiram is with you, you can go with him! In fact, he knew that Emma went to dinner with Hiram today but he asked it on purpose.

Alline was stunned and then smiled, "He has an appointment today. Where are you? "

"I'm downstairs. You can go downstairs now! Chester's voice is so clean that no one can find fault with him.

Alline replied, "Well, Chester, you'd better t

didn't understand why Emma chose Hiram back then?

Was it because Hiram was the eldest grandson of Mo family and had more inheritance rights? But she didn't think that Emma was that kind of person. If she was, she would probably have the tragedy of that year.

"With your blessing, I hope I can meet a woman like you who can understand me! Chester was amused by her. It was rare for him to burst into laughter. For a moment, the private room was filled with a warm feeling.

Soon the dishes were served. The two of them had a good meal. After dinner, Chester asked someone to prepare fruit tea, which was the favorite taste of Alline. She felt more and more that she would be fed well with this person.

In the end, Alline said to Chester seriously, "Chester, please keep this secret for me before I divorce Hiram! "

Chester nodded in agreement. After dinner, it was rare for Alline to have a good time. The two of them went out of the private room one after the other after dinner. As soon as they entered the elevator, they saw a man and a woman in the elevator. They were two people talking and laughing, they were Hiram and Emma. After seeing Alline and Chester, the smile on their faces suddenly faded, they asked, "Why are you here? "

"Of course we are having dinner. Otherwise, what do you think we can do, Mr. Hiram? Alline dragged Chester into the elevator. For a moment, the several people in the elevator seemed to have thousands of words, but they didn't know where to start.

In the parking lot, Alline started the car and was about to leave. Suddenly, Hiram sat in from the passenger seat and asked, "Alline, why are you with Chester? "

"Then why are you with Emma? Alline asked angrily, her eyes burning, and then she dropped her shoulders. As if nothing happened, she said, "Hiram, I don't want to quarrel with you, let's go home and talk about it!" "

When they arrived at home, the two of them went back to the Juan Garden. Alline went upstairs and put the divorce agreement on the table in front of him, "I've signed it. Have a look. If there's nothing to modify, just sign it! "

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