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   Chapter 87 This Was Always A Dead End (Part One)

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Hearing what he said, Alline was so angry that she could hardly breathe. She looked at him coldly, as if he was her sworn enemy. Her big eyes were full of sadness and disbelief. "In a word, you want your little lover to come back and spend the night with you. Hiram, since you like her so much, let's divorce. I will take the initiative to give up the position of your wife! I will bring you back to your relationship! "

Alline felt a sharp pain in her temples. The pain spread directly from her temples to her limbs and bones, making her unable to sober up and have complex feelings. If she had been calm, she would never have said such words. But now, anger almost destroyed all her sanity. Her heart was full of grievance and anger. Why should he do that for the face of Mo family so he wanted her to admit what she had never done. She had always been a decent woman. Was it necessary to deal with a person in this way? If she wanted to hurt anyone, she would definitely fight with him aboveboard. Did she need to use such a dirty three trick?

Hiram was so angry that his eyes were bloodshot. He looked fiercely at Alline, as if he was going to swallow her alive. He suddenly stood up and approached her step by step. "Alline, try again to say more! "

"Hiram, aren't you reluctant to leave your little lover? Haven't you always wanted to marry her? You have been eager to divorce me since the first day I came in. Now I am willing to quit and give you a chance. Aren't you satisfied? Although Alline was afraid of such Hiram, she still blurted out what she really thought!

All of a sudden, Hiram knocked on her neck with his big hand and lifted her up. "Alline, you are such an ungrateful woman. I did this for you, not for Emma! Do you understand? "

As Alline tried her best to pull him away, her eyes turned red with anger. She really hated the complacent and arrogant look of Hiram. She gritted her teeth with hatred and tried hard to grasp his arm. She felt that she would be strangled by him sooner or later. Regardless of anything else, she scratched his hands with her hands again and again. In a short while, there were a few blood marks on Hiram's fingers. It was so painful th

hey divorced, she would be free, and he could get the woman he liked. The best of both worlds! Wasn't it? There was a chance for Hiram to start over with Emma, and she would leave here completely after finding her brother.

She didn't want to take revenge anymore. She felt that she couldn't bear these things, as if she was about to die!

"Alline, are you serious? Hiram watched Alline's walking out of the cold hall slowly. A gust of wind blew up her long hair from nowhere. Her hair danced with the wind, and her figure disappeared in the night, as if she was far away from him.

But she didn't give him an answer. She turned around and left.

Seeing that, anger flashed in Hiram's eyes. He clenched his fingers and thought, 'this woman is stubborn. She still wants to divorce after I have said so many good words to her. Does she really want to go to jail and don't want Emma to come in Mo family?' In fact, no one knew what it meant, but in private, everyone knew what it meant. The Mo family was not an ordinary woman could live in. In the past, the reason why Emma could live in Mo family was that she was Chester's fiancee. But now that she had already broken off the engagement with Chester, she couldn't live in as the fiancee of Chester. Now that Mo family had made a concession to let Emma live in, in fact, it was just that Emma wanted to find an opportunity to return to Mo family. As for the person she wanted, it was either Chester or Hiram.

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