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   Chapter 86 His Wife Seems To Be Angry (Part Two)

Fail To Fall Out Of Love By Li Qing Characters: 10351

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According to her personality, if she knew that thing, she would probably not show such a smile to herself!

He still didn't know how to tell her the stakes and how to prevent her from making a fuss with him. He was like standing on the edge of a cliff, with a knife hanging on his head, and an abyss of 100000 feet in front of him.

They chatted and laughed for a while and soon went to the dining room. After dinner, Zelda also prepared desserts for them. Alline asked her to put them in the fridge first and they could eat them after they came back. Then, Hiram took her out for a walk, intending to digest them.

He still had one day off tomorrow. He planned to have a good Sunday with Alline. Maybe he should take her out for a date? After all, they had been married for such a long time, and the two of them had never gone out to play alone.

When his legs were fine, he often dated with women. Since the car accident five years ago, he had given up this idea. He didn't expect that he would suddenly have this idea, with a faint smile on his lips.

The night was quiet. There was a bright moon hanging in the sky. The moon shone faintly. Holding the hand of Alline, the two of them were very close to each other and took a walk in the garden quietly. This flower was planted when Christa was married to the Mo family. It had been more than 20 years until now, but the gardener at home had been carefully maintained, so it had been blooming well. Under the moonlight, it was connected into a beautiful picture. There was a bit of charm in it. The thin moonlight sprinkled on it, making it look very beautiful.

"The flowers are so beautiful. Your Mo family is so rich. There are so many of them in your house! Although Alline doesn't know much about roses, she vaguely remembered that the roses in the garden of Mo family are very precious, but she couldn't remember their names.

"Our Mo family? Aren't you a member of our Mo family? Hiram pinched her waist to remind her of her wrong words.

"My surname is Su, of course I'm not a member of your Mo family! With these thoughts in her mind, Alline couldn't help raising her voice and glanced at Hiram angrily.

With her hair in his arms, the two looked at each other face to face, so close that they could see every subtle expression on each other's face. "Alline, don't forget that you have married me and you have become Mrs. Alline. You don't need me to remind you! "

"Hiram, you are so boring. If you have nothing else to do, I'll go back first! Looking at his deep eyes, Alline felt a little uncomfortable and pushed him. But this time, Hiram didn't loosen his grip at all and kept knocking on her waist tightly.

The two of them were very close to each other. The roses gave off a charming fragrance. The two of them hugged each other in the sea of roses, which was incredible!

"Alline, I have something to talk with you, okay? After staring at her for a while, Hiram finally withdrew his burning sight and said calmly, "But before we talk about this matter, I hope you can calm down, okay? "

Noticing that there w

Emma has intervened or not, there is no evidence to prove your innocence. Even if it's a dead end, I have to find some ways. If I don't choose to solve it in private, do you want me to watch you go to jail and do nothing? "

After saying this, Hiram took a deep breath, as if he wanted to exhale all the annoyance in his heart!

"I would rather go to jail than let her live in this house. Besides, why do you force me to admit what I haven't done? Hiram, if you believe me, I don't mind making it to the police station! Ask the police to investigate the truth! Alline was so angry that her eyes turned red. In her heart, for the sake of his ex-boyfriend, Hiram could make her, his wife, suffer injustice. Then what the hell was she in his heart! Could he abandon her at any time?

"I won't let you go to jail. Alline, do you think it's your own business? Is it good to have a daughter-in-law of Mo family in jail? If you go to jail, what should Mo family do? Where should we put our face? Do you think Grandpa Ethan will watch you die? It's good for all of us to solve this problem now. She just lives in Mo family and won't pose any threat to your identity. You are still the Mrs. Alline of Mo family. She has nothing to do with you! When Hiram met the violent temper of Alline, he was annoyed and raised his voice. He didn't understand why she was unreasonable at all. In the past few days, he had been busy with finding evidence for her, and insisted on taking care of Rebecca in the hospital every day. He hadn't slept well for many days, but she was still ungrateful. She said she was going to jail. How could she deserve his painstaking efforts?

This woman was as stubborn as a cow. If he could find the evidence, would he have to compromise like this? He had always felt guilty in front of Emma, because he had no say in the matter of Rebecca. He had been forced to this point. Now, in order not to send Alline to prison, he had to agree to the condition set by Emma!

He did all these for her good. Would he be willing to see her put into prison?

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