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   Chapter 85 His Wife Seems To Be Angry (Part One)

Fail To Fall Out Of Love By Li Qing Characters: 7010

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It suddenly occurred to him that when the two of them met for the first time, he hated her so much that he wanted to drive her out of the Mo family. He even wanted to throw her out of the Juan Garden by himself, because he had never thought that he would marry a strange woman. However, she was bold and rebellious, which made him have some accidents. In the end, she dared to drug him and make him suffer. To be honest, he was in the mood to rip her apart. But he was curious about how she grew up and came up with such a bad idea. But he didn't expect that she was going to cure his leg.

He knew that it was his grandpa Ethan's private instruction, but he did not expect her way to be so mean. If others knew that he had been naked taken photos by his wife, he would be ashamed to see anyone in his life.

At that time, he was really angry with Alline. He hated her so much that he even thought about killing this woman one day, which would make him invisible and didn't feel annoyed. But when his mind suddenly changed, his eyes on her suddenly changed. They had never planned to live a good life from the beginning. They had been quarreling every day. The people in the Juan Garden were in danger, and even Ethan had warned him several times in private He didn't care about it at all. He still did what he wanted. Every time they met, they would make a scene and make a scene. Now thinking of what had happened in the past, he didn't know whether to cry or to laugh. None of them had expected that they would end up like this!

Gradually, this girl became more and more important to him. He hadn't even thought of Emma for a long time when he saw her!

When did these changes happen? He didn't know and didn't want to think too much. The responsibility of the Mo family let him know that since he had married Alline, he would treat her well in his life and wouldn't let her suffer any grievance.

He had never thought that he would marry a woman like Alline. He had always thought that he would marry a woman like Emma, who was considerate, obedient, and even had a common topic with him.

en knew what she liked to eat, which somewhat surprised her!

"Why are you so nervous? Eat more. You look thinner these days! Hiram picked up a piece of spareribs for her. The spareribs are stewed and have a natural fragrance of food. If there is this dish, Alline will eat more.

"This is my standard figure! Alline tried to refute him with some reason. Then she took a bite of the ribs and glanced at Hiram coldly. She said sarcastically, "Look at yourself. How long haven't you had a good rest? How many dark circles have you had under your eyes? If it goes on like this, you'll lose a lot of weight. At that time, you'll definitely be sold at a good price! "

It was rare for Hiram not to quarrel with her. He just glanced at Alline indifferently and said, "Alline, are you have nothing to do now? How dare you say that to your husband? Do you want to be beaten? He put down the bowl.

Alline hurriedly apologized to him, "I'm sorry, Mr. Hiram. I was just kidding! You won't get angry so easily, will you! Then she began to play up to him shamelessly. It was rare for the two of them to get rid of the depression a few days ago and have a smile on their faces.

Looking at the smile on her face, Hiram felt warm in his heart. If possible, he hoped that this woman could smile like this all the time in front of him, but he also knew in his heart that Alline would soon lose her smile.

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