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   Chapter 83 Are You Sure You Want To Come Back And Live With Us (Part One)

Fail To Fall Out Of Love By Li Qing Characters: 7112

Updated: 2020-05-17 00:03

Ethan stared at Emma with deep and firm eyes, as if he wanted to find out something. Before he opened his mouth, Hiram had already taken the words over. His voice was gentle, as if he was negotiating with someone. He looked calm, but with an unquestionable momentum. "Emma, I'm sorry for Rebecca, but can we talk about it after Rebecca recovers a little? After all, she is emotional now. I'm afraid that she will get hurt! "

However, to her surprise, the first one who opened his mouth was Hiram. It seemed that he was defending his wife. For a moment, she felt uncomfortable in her heart, but with a faint smile at her mouth, she looked at him leisurely and said bluntly, "Hiram, you are more considerate. But after all, Rebecca is my sister. We have been separated for many years, and on this matter, it's reasonable for me to be a little hasty. I've been worried about my sister's injury and couldn't sleep well these days. I'm afraid that one day that nightmare will repeat on us again. So in order to avoid getting hurt again, I think we can't delay it anymore. After all, my sister is lying on the bed. I just want to give her an explanation today. If you don't agree, I think I have to find another way to solve this matter! "

There was more or less a hint of threat in her words. Emma meant that Alline was to blame for her sister's injury. If the Mo family insisted on defending her, she might find other ways to solve this matter. After all, no matter how wealthy the Mo family was, there was always a way to deal with Alline, but Hiram was angry at what Emma said. He had tried his best to persuade Emma these days, but he didn't expect that she was so stubborn. He deserved it, but Alline didn't do anything to her, especially when he understood what she meant.

He pursed his lips into a line and then pulled them apart with a faint smile in his eyes. "Emma, do you really mean it? "He asked slowly, just like usual greetings.

However, the coldness and toughness in the air were on the verge of breaking, as if something had suddenly smashed down and shattered the flowing ice on it.

Emma almost made it cle

family. But..."

He changed the subject and looked fiercer, "It depends on Hiram. After all, I'm an elder. If I interfere in this matter and choose one side, you will probably think that grandpa is unfair to deal with it. So, I won't interfere today! "

Hearing this, Emma didn't get angry. She smiled gracefully and casually, but her mouth was a little stiff. "Grandpa, do you mean that no matter what result comes out, you won't object, right? "

"If it has no impact on the Mo family, I won't object! "Ethan said ambiguously and indifferently.

With the same expression on her face, Emma just looked at him casually and then turned to Chester. Chester didn't say a word from beginning to end, but his eyes never moved away from her for a moment. She had been pretending that she didn't know, but now she couldn't ignore it. Her eyes dimmed subconsciously. She smiled and seemed to ask casually. "Hiram, since Grandpa won't object, why don't we do as we have agreed before? "

All of a sudden, the look in Hiram's eyes became very complicated. He looked at her without any expression on his face and said "If you want to come back, I agree. But before you coming back, you have known the rules of the Mo family. Not everyone can live in this house. Are you sure you want to come back and live with us? "

"What? Are you afraid that my return will affect your relationship? "Emma said with a faint smile.

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