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   Chapter 79 Would She Fall In Love With Him (Part One)

Fail To Fall Out Of Love By Li Qing Characters: 7009

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A cold light flashed in his eyes, and he looked at the woman sitting on the driver's seat sharply and aggressively. "Alline, when on earth are you going to stop? "It seemed that he was gnashing his teeth.

He just couldn't bear to see that every time Alline spoke, her body was full of thorns!

It seemed that for her, he was not her husband at all, but her enemy. This recognition made him very unhappy. When he was generally unhappy, he would naturally make the people around him unhappy!

She looked confused and asked herself if she had made any trouble. After what had happened, she hadn't made a fuss at all. She stepped on the brake and stopped the car steadily at the roadside. She turned her head to look at Hiram and said calmly, "Am I wrong? Haven't you always been annoying at me? Now I move out of the master bedroom, in order not to be in your eyes and annoying. What else do you want me to do? Do you want to compensate my life to your little lover, so that you are willing to give up? "

"Nonsense! "Hiram's voice also rose. Her words were too harsh. He and Rebecca were just brother and sister. If it weren't for Emma, he and Rebecca had nothing to do with each other. Now she had thought that she was right. She hurt Rebecca, so he took care of Rebecca for her. Did she really want to make it a big deal and let everyone know that there was a daughter-in-law in the Mo family who hurt people through other's hand?

"You know clearly whether I'm talking nonsense or not. Hiram, I just can't figure it out. You already have someone in your heart, but why do you still condescend to let me stay with you? Although I'm not magnanimous, I'm still able to distinguish right from wrong. I won't be shameless to ask for something that doesn't belong to me! "Alline was a little bit angry because of the look in his eyes!

Since last night, she had been very angry. This man didn't believe her from beginning to end. He believed that she had done that, and even didn't listen to her explanation. If he had a little bit of her in his heart, how could the current situation be like th

d to say anything more. If she continued to argue with him, she might not have to go to work this morning.

"It seems that you're not satisfied with my kiss! "Hiram noticed her action. This woman disliked his kiss in front of him. Was she provoking me? He really wanted to slap her!

"Well, I have no choice. Your kissing skill is so ordinary that I can't pretend to enjoy it! "Alline sighed on purpose. She clearly disliked the expression on Hiram's face just now.

Hearing that, Hiram's face darkened all of a sudden. He thought that Alline was really capable to make him lose his temper at any time. "Well, it seems that I have to learn more about kissing skills from you in the future. Otherwise, Mrs. Mo will always dislike me as her husband, which will also have a bad impact on our marriage life! "He sneered.

Alline had already started the car again. The car walked slowly towards the Mo group. She glanced at him and sneered, "Then I really look forward to you! "She sneered.

He smiled complacently and was in a good mood. He was inexplicably happy to see her being beaten! Sooner or later, he would pull out all the thorns of this woman and make her really surrender to him. Thinking of this, he twitched his mouth and closed his eyes.

The car slowly drove to the parking lot of the Mo group and they got off. As usual, they entered the design department one after another.

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