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   Chapter 77 Good To Everyone, Good To Alline (Part Two)

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Before Hiram could say anything more, Ethan asked someone to send the two of them out. Hiram clenched his fists and left angrily. After the two of them left, he let out a sigh. He knew that Hiram didn't have any feelings for Alline. When he set up the trap, he had considered Hiram's reaction. In the past few months, he did hate Alline as he thought. The two of them had a quarrel, but he didn't think he had done anything wrong. Most of the marriage life of the rich clans seemed to be alienated, but many of them were still maintained. Young people paid attention to what they liked, but if they insisted on these things all the time, it would be sad. How could they continue the family business? Not to mention anything else, even if he thought it was difficult for Hiram to let Alline marry him, he did not regret his insistence from beginning to end!

Moreover, if Alline was really like her mother, he would have expected the marriage. He was afraid that she didn't care about Hiram from beginning to end, which would be the final hidden trouble. He hoped that the two young people could love each other and advance together, which was what he hoped most. If they could fall in love with each other, he would be happier!

As for Emma, Ethan snorted in his heart, and a cold light flashed in his bright eyes. Hiram could marry anyone, but not Emma. This was his bottom line and his persistence!

Even if that didn't happen five years ago, he wouldn't allow Hiram to be with Emma for the rest of his life!

After the two of them left, Ethan let out a long sigh and hoped that Hiram wouldn't be so stupid to be taken advantage of!


o long, he did not have any thoughts. The servants in the Juan Garden had fallen asleep. He looked at the time and found that it was already three o'clock in the morning!

He finally got up from the sofa. Maybe because he had sat for too long, his legs were a little numb when he stood up. His body shook involuntarily, because he was worried that Alline had already gone to bed. He put it very gently when he entered the room, but when he turned on the bedside lamp, he suddenly found that there was no one on the big bed. What was she doing at this late hour!

The anger in the bottom of Hiram's heart rose all of a sudden. Regardless of anything, he looked around, but did not see Alline. He could not help shouting, "Alline! "

What the hell did she want to do? Didn't she go to bed in the middle of the night? Was she missing her first lover again!

His chest was filled with something unknown. He strode out of the bedroom and looked around the second floor, but he didn't see anyone. He gritted his teeth and went to the third floor. Sure enough, he found someone in a guest room!

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