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   Chapter 76 Good To Everyone, Good To Alline (Part One)

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After a long time, Alline calmed down. She had experienced such despair five years ago. When the car was destroyed and people were killed, she was also afraid, but this nightmare made her try again today. She bit her lips hard, and the blood loss on her lips finally revealed a strong sense. "Hiram, we can check the surveillance video, and I can also go to that private restaurant. The people there should remember me! "

She said in a trembling voice, which made people feel sorry for her!

"Enough! That's it! Looking at her trembling face, Ethan felt that she was like standing on a cliff. As long as someone pushed her casually, she would fall down completely. He didn't dare to imagine what kind of force she had been forced by Hiram!

Hiram was also trapped in the sadness of Alline, unable to move for a long time. He had never seen her so desperate, as if she had fallen into a heavy mist. She couldn't find the direction, and her head broken and bleeding, but she wouldn't stop. An inexplicable emotion surged in Hiram's heart. He wanted to hold her gently in his arms and comfort her softly, but he couldn't. At least for the time being, he couldn't!

At the thought of the feeble look of Rebecca on the bed, a knife pierced into her body. If it weren't for Rebecca's luck, she would have died in the murder yesterday, so he couldn't be softhearted. As long as Alline admitted her crime, he would ask for the forgiveness of Rebecca and Emma. He would do anything even if they wanted his life. But what he couldn't tolerate was that it was Alline who did it. Why did she refuse to admit it, did she really think that he was going to send her to prison?

She was Hiram's wife. No one could touch her without his permission!

However, this matter involved too many things. If he didn't give a satisfactory answer to Emma, it would definitely cause a storm. He was the eldest son of Mo family, and he didn't want Mo family to be in turmoil in the wind and rain. All his thoughts must be based on the interests of Mo family, which was his education from childhood to adulthood, so he hoped that this

ever let Alline suffer, but she refused to nod, which made him very angry! He felt that this woman was simply ungrateful, not only vicious, but also stubborn like a cow!

"Yes, I am unreasonable. Alline is our daughter-in-law. You can't make our family suffer for an outsider! Ethan had a bad temper when he was young. He cultivated himself and didn't get involved in so many things in the past few years. Then he gradually calmed down, but once he touched the bottom line, it would still cause some bloody nature in his nature.

Emma almost ruined his grandson, whom he was proud of five years ago. Five years later, he would never allow any accident to happen to Hiram. She was Emma, right? He wanted to see who was setting this trap. Who was playing the game?

If he dared to lay a finger on the members of Mo family, he had to ask for Ethan's permission!

His attitude today was obvious. He didn't believe that Hiram could be rebellious!

Hiram was so angry that he had no choice but to call out, "Grandpa Ethan! "

"No need to say anything more. I have made up my mind. It's getting late. You two go back. You have to go to work tomorrow! Ethan said indifferently. Then he looked at the pale faced Alline and said, "Hiram, you are several years older than Alline. Sometimes you have to learn to give in, you should know whatever you can and can't do. You should think it over in your mind! "

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