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   Chapter 73 A Woman No One Wants In Her Life (Part Two)

Fail To Fall Out Of Love By Li Qing Characters: 10495

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There was silence again in the car. Until the two of them arrived at the company, they didn't say anything. Alline didn't want to speak, and neither did Hiram. The two of them were stubborn and neither of them was willing to speak. But when he saw the indifferent attitude of Alline, the anger in the bottom of his heart finally broke out. Alline was his special assistant, and she was responsible for many things in life.

She had been making coffee for him the whole morning. She made a cup of coffee for him as he liked, but the original cup was sent away and made it again!

She had been tossing and turning in the tea room for dozens of times the whole morning. It was estimated that everyone in the company knew that Mr. Hiram was in a bad mood today, or he wouldn't be so abnormal and try to torture his assistant.

When Alline entered the company, she was not in the design department. It was not until Hiram returned to the Mo group that he transferred her back. At that time, there was a rumor that Alline had a close relationship with Hiram, and the company began to spread the news that Hiram was chasing after Alline!

However, the two of them had been in the company for a period of time, maintaining a pure and beautiful superior subordinate relationship. Until today, everyone finally saw the beginning of a love affair between the two, especially today when someone saw that Hiram was working, with a face of desire and dissatisfaction! In addition, the two of them entered the company one after the other. It could be a good opportunity for those who were usually bored and loved gossip!

After making coffee for thirty-seven times as Hiram was ordered, he finally showed mercy to Alline. Alline felt that her two legs were broken after she walked out of the office. After making coffee for the whole morning, she felt that her breath was full of the smell of coffee. She lazily leaned against her seat, not to mention that Hiram was really good at torturing people. She even wanted to die.

All of a sudden, the phone on the table rang. She resumed her professional attitude and answered the phone. It turned out that she was not in charge of this area, but it was imposed on her by Hiram. Therefore, she had to face many crank calls for Mr. Hiram every day, including popular stars and young models. It could be seen that the news of Hiram's marriage was not leaked out at all. Otherwise, how could it be so strong. He was so popular!

Bah! Bitch! How dare he keep a woman outside after getting married! Every time she received this kind of call, from her anger at the beginning to her indifference in the end, she had been numb, but today's call made her greatly surprised!

Because the phone call was from Emma, she did not understand that as the once best lover of Hiram, it was more convenient for her to call him directly to find his private phone. Later on, she thought that it might be a demonstration!

Alline greeted to her indifferently. She picked up the phone, with a faint smile at the corners of her mouth. She didn't know what she was thinking. It was really funny that Hiram said he wouldn't di

shadows. She didn't want to recall her quarrel with Hiram, and she didn't want to quarrel with him any more. She wouldn't admit what she hadn't done. Even if they forced her, she wouldn't admit it.

It was not until Ethan suddenly called her to go home that she felt as if something was out of her control and walked in a dangerous direction. Alline came out of a cafe and drove back to the Mo mansion.

When she arrived at the parking lot, the butler of Ethan was waiting there in person. Alline's heart sank and she didn't know what had happened! Although Ethan's butler was a servant, he had a good status. Almost no one in the Mo family dared to make trouble in front of him, because he was the most important person around Ethan. Ethan relied on him all his life and treated him very well. Even his residence was in the same level with Mo family's sons and daughters. It could be imagined how important this person was in Ethan's heart!

"Mrs. Mo, be careful when you speak later! The butler, who had been silent all the time, suddenly reminded her in a low voice when they entered the L Garden.

Alline was stunned and smiled at him gratefully. It seemed that tonight's life would not be so easy!

But she didn't know what was waiting for her inside the door!

By the time she arrived, Hiram had already arrived. Seeing her come in, he looked up at her without saying anything. After greeting to Ethan, Alline sat down, her heart beating fast. She didn't know why Ethan asked her to come to the L Garden.

Ever since she married with Hiram, there were very few chances for her to come to theL Garden. Although the L Garden was not the most beautiful garden in Mo family, the scenery and paintings here were all antique. Compared with the modern or vintage layout of other parks, only by entering this garden, could you feel a feudal autocratic from the heart to the body. She sat down with her heart beating fast, but her face was still as usual.

She was afraid that except for what happened last night, Ethan would not have anything to ask the two of them back together!

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