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   Chapter 69 She Has A Ghost In Her Heart (Part Two)

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At the same time, he moved closer to her, reached out his hand and knocked on her lower part, forcing her to look at him!

The look in his eyes made Alline shiver. She couldn't help but tremble slightly. "Hiram, don't be joking, okay? It's you who want to divorce me. Why can't I! "

As soon as she said that, Hiram's eyes were filled with anger and he looked at her fiercely. Alline couldn't help but take a step back, but behind her was the table. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't escape from him!

All of a sudden, he grabbed her neck tightly and lifted her up with great strength. The pain made her face pale. "Alline, how dare you think about it! Don't you remember what I said? "

It hurt so much that Alline bit her lips tightly. She stood on tiptoe impatiently, and the table behind her made her waist ache. Hiram seemed to be angry and was about to kill her. "Hiram, it's you, it's you -"

He sneered and his eyes were filled with madness. But when he saw her more and more absent-minded eyes, he suddenly loosened his grip on her neck, but put his arms around her waist and tightly grabbed her. "Alline, remember what I said. I won't divorce! I will investigate it, but if I find out that it really has something to do with you, I won't spare you! "

When she felt that her waist was almost broken by him, Hiram released her. She staggered two steps and fell to the ground!

He stood there in a condescending manner, with astonishing anger in his eyes. It was difficult for Alline to calm down. Looking at him like that, she suddenly chuckled and said with a faint sneer at the corners of her mouth, "Hiram, in fact, you have never believed me, right? "

He clenched his fist and looked into her eyes. He had an impulse to say nothing.

His heart was so painful that he almost suffocated, but he did not refute her words. At that moment, he did not know what to say!

There was a moment of boredom in her eyes. It didn't matter if she was misunderstood, because she really didn't do it, but his incredulous eyes still hurt her. "Since you insist that I did it, then hand me over to the police! "

Hearing that, Hiram's body froze and his heart trembled. He loosened his fists, which were hard to tell from his gloomy eyes. But what's more, his anger was more obvious. "Alline, you are so fucking ungrateful! Do you really want to go to jail! "

"No, I don't. Her voice trembled. Even she herself could feel her guilty, but the pain in her heart was more intense. Compared with his accusation and his disbelief, the pain seemed to have wrapped her heart, making her feel painful even when she breathed.

"If you want to put me in jail, I have nothing to say! She heard herself say so.

"If you want to

one hand, his legs were not convenient. It was inconvenient for him to move. On the one hand, he had a strong self-esteem and didn't want others to see him down and out!

He was Hiram, he was born in a noble family and had been an invincible expert in the crowd since he was a child. How could he bear being looked down upon by others!

Fortunately, several friends answered his phone and came. He was now back in the Mo group. Although he was only a director of the design department, he was still the future crown prince of the Mo group. No one would refuse his invitation because of this identity!

He waited in the box for a while, and several famous young men of L city arrived!

The gentle and handsome one was Robert Duan, who was called Mr. Robert. Then came in a feminine and handsome man, who was called Eric Bai, and the last one to come was a black bronze handsome man with black frame glasses, Victor Zhuang.

After they exchanged greetings and sat down, Robert spoke lazily and jokingly, "Mr. Hiram, it's not interesting for you to be my friend. You haven't called me for so long! "

"Yes, I'm asleep. Why did you call me at this time? Are you crazy! Victor yawned. He couldn't stay up all night last night. Today he had a hard day and finally had an early sleep, but he was disturbed by this boy again!

Eric didn't say anything. He just raised a glass of wine and clinked it with Hiram.

There was no sincerity in Hiram's voice. He said, "Come on, I'll treat you to a drink today. Don't be so listless. Come on, let's drink tonight! "

Then he asked the waiter to open several bottles of wine.

The others were all stunned at the sight of this scene. Among them, Victor was unhappy and couldn't help but tease, "Mr. Hiram, are you unhappy with your marriage! Today is a special day for us! "

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