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   Chapter 68 She Has A Ghost In Her Heart (Part One)

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Hearing that, Alline's breath stopped for a while. Being criticized inexplicably, she asked, "What on earth happened? Make it clear! For some reason, she had a bad feeling and asked nervously.

Hearing her words, Hiram didn't get angry but smiled, "Why do you still ask me what's wrong? Do you need me to tell you what you have done? "

Noticing that his attitude was getting sharper and sharper, Alline swallowed uneasily, tried to pluck up her courage and asked coldly, "Hiram, what are you talking about? I don't understand! Hiram was like a beast stained with blood.

The smell of blood made the beast in his rest go crazy, and his eyes were like fire and ice. He stared at her coldly, as if he wanted to bite her throat when she was not noticing. Alline had such an illusion!

Taking out a mobile phone from his pocket, Hiram handed it to her and said in a voice as cold as ice, "Have a look at this message. Did you send it? "

Alline took over the phone from his hand, she lowered her hand and her face changed, "This is my number. The message was sent this afternoon. When she left the company, she didn't bring her phone with her. She kept it at home and didn't bring it with her. But this message was sent from her own phone. Did someone touch her phone?

"Alline, do you admit that you sent this message? Before Alline answered his question, Hiram asked again.

With her phone in her hand, Alline's mind was in a mess. "The number is mine, but I didn't send this message! She squinted at him with a cold light flashing in her eyes. She just stared at him motionlessly, as if she would be torn apart at any time!

"Where is your phone? Hiram didn't want to hear her explanation.

She rushed into the bedroom to look for her cell phone, but when she found the box where she put her phone, it was empty, and her cell phone was not there. Behind her, Hiram suddenly dialed the number. When the mobile phone rang downstairs, Alline's face changed. She rushed downstairs and found the mobile phone in the direction of the sound. She found her bag, which she had just put downstairs.

At that moment, her mind went b

ine, all the evidences are pointing to you. I don't doubt who you suspect. And today I called you, where are you? If you didn't do it, why don't you tell me your whereabouts! Said Hiram coldly!

When he saw the message today, he didn't completely believe that it was Alline who did it. But when he called her, he asked her three times in a row to let her reveal her whereabouts, but she refused firmly!

What did that mean? She had a ghost in her heart! Otherwise, why didn't she tell him where she was!

If she told him where she was, a place, he could tell himself to believe her!

Alline felt as if her heart had been gouged out of a huge gap. There was a cold wind blowing in, and her blood was cold. She looked at the man in front of her, and suddenly felt as if she didn't know him. She had just married to the Mo family, and the two of them had been cold words and tit for tat, but she was also angry. Why should she admit what she had never done!

Besides, she really couldn't tell him where she was today.

She pressed her lips tightly and said again, "Hiram, believe it or not, I didn't ask Nancy out, and I didn't intend to do anything to her. Even if you liked her before, I didn't have to do that! "

"No need? Hiram repeated coldly, "Didn't you already know that I was going to divorce you? Alline, in order not to divorce me, you did such a thing, making it difficult for Nancy to retreat! ' "

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