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   Chapter 66 I Don't Want To Be The Last One To Know! (Part One)

Fail To Fall Out Of Love By Li Qing Characters: 6943

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When they arrived at the hospital, Alline found that Hiram was beaten, and he was in a mess, with bruises all over his face. Although the trauma looked obvious, the internal injury was not too serious, but one of his ribs was broken, and he had to rest in the hospital for a few days. Hiram had been spoiled and pampered since childhood, and sometimes when he was sick, he was treated by the doctors in the Mo family. He didn't like the hospital at all. After being treated the wound, he asked Jenny to take him back.

But he didn't want the family to know that he had fought with a hooligan, let alone that it was his brother who had beaten him up!

Therefore, Mr. Hiram was unwilling to go home. He said that he wanted to live in the outer house. In fact, the Mo family had their own small villa outside the house, but very few people had lived there. Generally, not on a business trip, the Mo family would sleep in the house.

But obviously, Mr. Hiram didn't want his family to know about his injury today, so he found a small apartment and went to recuperate for two days. Alline didn't dare to ask the reason, because in fact, it was a disgrace for a man to be beaten. No matter what the reason was, she said that she wanted to go with him, but he was obviously in a bad mood and refused decisively. "No way! If you also live outside, Grandpa will definitely doubt it. If I live outside, it can be said that I'm on a business trip to deal with the Gu group's affairs. Grandpa won't say anything if he knows it. But now you work in the Mo group, and it's not good for you to often work for the Gu group! "

His grandfather couldn't control him, but he could control Alline, who was now the daughter-in-law of the Mo family.

"What about your meals? "Since they had got along with each other for a period of time, Alline knew that he was very choosy about what he ate and he didn't like to eat outside. Usually, if he didn't have anything to do at night, he would go back to his house for dinner.

"Can you help me cook after work? "Although Mr. Hiram had been beaten,

look at him, Alline said sincerely "Hiram, if you really want to divorce, tell me in advance. I don't want to be the last one to know! "Then she walked out of the bedroom with the bowl.

Clenching his fists, he watched her back disappear from the door and he hit the bed hard.

Since they had spoken out that day, they hadn't talked for several days. With Jenny, Alline didn't have to go there every day. Moreover, Jenny had hired an hourly worker to prepare food for them, so there was no reason for her to go there every day. Occasionally when she went there, she would cook for Hiram and then leave. She didn't want to talk with him, and he didn't want to talk anymore. Life was just like this every day.

This day, before Alline got off work, she received a call. It was Colin. He said that he was in the HC City and wanted to meet her! Alline wanted to refuse, but Colin said pitifully that even if they were not in love, after all, they used to be classmates.

After thinking for a while, Alline nodded and agreed. She asked for leave from the manager and then went out!

They met in a remote place. It took Alline a lot of time to find that. It was a private restaurant. When she arrived, Colin had already been there. He was playing with his mobile phone with his head down. As soon as he saw her coming in, he suddenly raised his head and his eyes lit up like fire.

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